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You all probably know by now that sometimes I get stuck on an idea and I toy with it obsessively for a hot minute. It's pretty typical for me. Usually I'll see something that piques my interest and then I fall into a rabbit hole. So let's dive into my recent rabbit hole: jewelry, pins, and other shiny things.

Crescent moon ring. Because we all know I'm obsessed with the moon. 

A cup of tea solves everything enamel pin. This would look super cute on my knitting bag. 

Shapes collar pin. I was thinking about ways I could wear my ever-growing collection of enamel pins and then I saw this bad boy. A new world has been opened to me. 

La Barbuda has so many good Harry Potter pins, as well as some other cult classics. 

Lula Rocks also has some excellent HP pins. And a moon child pin

What other cool pins should I know about?! 

yet another new hobby

Let's go back to last Wednesday. I was sitting in the break room at work, eating a very delicious sandwich, and as is my usual Wednesday lunch ritual, was scrolling through email and Instagram. And I saw this. 

I had heart eyes emojis immediately. As usual, Purl Soho's gorgeous photography made me want to make the project immediately. I've never been a big jewelry person. I have a ring that I wear everyday and I usually have some pair of earrings on and I might wear my star necklace but that's it. I've never been big into bracelets or much more than understated and simple jewels. So it was sort of odd for me to want to make bracelets so badly. 

I had a little jewelry making phase in high school. I bought neon beads and made several pairs of earrings. They all were eventually thrown out in one of my epic cleaning sprees, but believe me, they were...interesting. 

So I was just thinking about those Purl bracelets and how I really wanted to make them even though it made no sense for me to want to do such a thing. And then one of my friends texted me, "did you see the purl soho email about the beaded bracelets?". Yes, yes I did. Another friend texted, "I want to make that silly purl wrap bracelet very badly". It seems we were all in the bracelet making mood. PURL STRIKES AGAIN!! I can't tell you how many times I have had the sudden NEED to make a very specific project because Purl posted it looking gorgeous and easy. 

This strange desire to make bracelets continued and on Saturday, I woke up thinking about them. That is how you know it is true love. There are a couple of beading shops here in Dallas and, while still laying in bed, I pulled up their websites to check out their class offerings. Lo and behold, Beads of Splendor had a bead loom class that very afternoon and it still had a few spots open! I signed up and perused insta and pinterest and youtube for inspiration. 

The class was great. If you have ever woven on a rigid heddle loom, you will know exactly how to warp up a bead loom. It is essentially a tiny rigid heddle loom! The hardest part was picking out what color beads I wanted to use and what design to do. I had picked out some copper hardware and I eventually decided on some dark purple and light pink/cream beads and a plus sign design. I got to beading and was off on my merry way. It was just as fun and easy and meditative as I thought it would be and I loved every minute of it. 

All warped and ready to go. 

All warped and ready to go. 

Several rows in.

Several rows in.

Close up!

Close up!

After I finished my bracelet, I perused the store and bought my own beading loom, beads, and thread to create a bracelet that is more like the Purl version. It is safe to say that the beading loom is my new crafting obsession and that beads are going to be my new vice. I definitely wanna make some bracelets with bad words on them 

And now for some inspiration: 
Here's someone I found on Reddit. I especially love her cloud, avocado, and cacti bracelets! 
Stormie Art. Gorgeous bracelets and other jewelry!
My new beading pinterest board.

Love all of the cacti in Eden Rain Beadworks bracelets!  Instagram .  Etsy . 

Love all of the cacti in Eden Rain Beadworks bracelets! InstagramEtsy

More Eden Rain Beadworks. 

More Eden Rain Beadworks. 

 Yours Arm Candy.  I love how thin this one is. 

 Yours Arm Candy. I love how thin this one is. 

Nice to Bead You. Alternatively, I like how large this one is! And I like the closure. 

Nice to Bead You. Alternatively, I like how large this one is! And I like the closure. 

ameliadimonaco . Incredible!

ameliadimonaco. Incredible!

naronaxie . Another incredible one! I got to see this in person and it is AMAZING.

naronaxie. Another incredible one! I got to see this in person and it is AMAZING.

beading dreams

It started how it usually does. I was scrolling through instagram, probably the explore tab, and I saw something that caught my eye. Bright and colorful and cheerful. I've been seeing various colorful necklaces around lately and have been wanting to make some, but painting beads seemed so tedious. But behold, this wasn't painted beads, it was clay beads! 

I fell into the vortex that is instagram and couldn't stop looking at Ena & Albert's page. So cheerful! So colorful! So fun and easy! I got on YouTube and watched lots of polymer clay videos. I had a few things planned for the morning but I secretly couldn't wait until I could make it to the craft store to get polymer clay. Such is my life, thinking about crafting when I am somewhere else. 

After the morning plans were over, I headed to the craft store and picked up several Sculpey III polymer clays. I came home and for literally HOURS, I just sat and mixed colors and rolled and poked. Next thing I knew, I had tons of beads! I put them in the oven to bake and marveled at my handiwork. 

Here's what it all looked like. 

I started off pretty boring and then got more adventurous. 

Ready for the oven. 

I made 80 beads!!! 

This more accurately portrays the colors. 

A favorite combo! 

I haven't worn any of the beads yet, but I will soon! I also want to incorporate them into weaving! I really enjoyed making them A LOT and it's definitely something everyone can do, regardless of skill level. I'll be watching more YouTube videos for sure and hopefully having more fun with clay soon!