new art!


Being a maker myself, I know how meaningful it is to support other makers by buying their art and following, liking, and commenting on social media. I follow TONS of artists and crafters on Instagram and I am always being inspired by all their work. 

A few weeks ago, 2 of my favorite artists posted some affordable items for sale on Insta and I acted very quickly and snagged some gorgeous new art for my home! 

First up, one of my absolute faves: Elizabeth Pawle. I first found Elizabeth on the Search page of Instagram. I was immediately enamored with her Scatterings wall hangings in which she weaves a background and embroiders various little stitches onto the woven piece. She also has some wall hangings that she embroiders and paints on. I have been a big fan of her work for a while, so when she posted on Insta that she would be updating her Etsy shop with some affordable wall hangings, I made sure to set an alarm so that I could snag one as soon as they hit the shop. I ended up with this gorgeous beauty:

The very same day, another favorite artist, Jennifer Vallez, posted on Instagram that she would be selling some illustrations from her sketchbook. As I was scrolling through all the illustrations for sale, I spotted one that I just had to have. I have followed Jennifer for a while on Instagram and I just love her sweet illustrations! Her drawing and painting styles are so cute and very chic. 

I now have both pieces in my possession and displayed and I am loving them both so much! Thanks, Elizabeth and Jennifer!