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You all probably know by now that sometimes I get stuck on an idea and I toy with it obsessively for a hot minute. It's pretty typical for me. Usually I'll see something that piques my interest and then I fall into a rabbit hole. So let's dive into my recent rabbit hole: jewelry, pins, and other shiny things.

Crescent moon ring. Because we all know I'm obsessed with the moon. 

A cup of tea solves everything enamel pin. This would look super cute on my knitting bag. 

Shapes collar pin. I was thinking about ways I could wear my ever-growing collection of enamel pins and then I saw this bad boy. A new world has been opened to me. 

La Barbuda has so many good Harry Potter pins, as well as some other cult classics. 

Lula Rocks also has some excellent HP pins. And a moon child pin

What other cool pins should I know about?! 


As promised, a knitting post this week! I am going to break it down into what I am currently working on and then yarns and patterns/projects I am interested in!

I have been knitting socks and my never-ending seed stitch wrap lately. I am LOVING sock knitting, which is something I would not have said just a few years ago. I have a DK weight sock going and a traditional sock-weight sock going too. In the past, I have done 2 at a time toe-up socks, but this time I am doing one at a time so that I can really get the construction method down pat. I am doing things like taking measurements and counting stitches and all those things you do when you are trying to really understand something. I cast on both socks with Judy's Magic Cast On and have turned heels on both socks with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I'll post a proper update of my WIPs eventually, complete with photos. 

In addition to sock knitting, I have been researching eco-friendly yarns. I have come across a few from Woolful and then learned about another one recently. Let's just go in list form, shall we?
-Camellia Fiber Company. I am absolutely swooning over the colors of these yarns!
-Sincere Sheep. Love it when a company can tell me exactly what sheep breed their yarn is from.
-Wing and a Prayer. Of course, a classic! 
-De Rurum Natura. Again, loving the colors. 
-O Wool. Can't forget about good old O Wool. 
-Beaverslide Mule-Spun Yarn. Can we please talk about the beauty that is the Hidden Lake color way?!
-Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company. I just found out about this one this week and I am already in love with their beautiful yarns and instagram. 
-Hey Lady Hey is another one I have been looking into lately, though the shop is currently closed.

-Like the entire rest of the knitting world, I am OBSESSED with the Tecumseh sweater. LOOK AT THIS GREEN ONE WHAT. 
-Also obsessed with this sweater called Rug. Lurving the colors on this one
-Nikoline socks. Allllll the heart eyes. 
-This has me wanting to make myself a bonnet. 
-I feel like I've already talked about this Kennings Yoke sweater, but it deserves being mentioned again cause of that yoke, yo. 
-Loving these socks
-Gorgeous colors on this Lovella
-Donovan sweater from Quince & Co. 
-Dane cardigan
-Cannot even with Jen's hybrid cardigan.
-Some Time Alone. Big? Lacy? Shawl? OKAY. 
-Black Ice sweater. 
-The colors of Ashleigh's shawl. omg. 
-Love love love these bright colors
-Kirsten Kapur can do no wrong

That was fun! 

latest ravelry faves

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and I thought it might be nice to share some knitting inspo!

I have been alllllll about sweaters lately. I have never before favorited so many sweaters! I think it's because of a few things: first of all, ever since knitting my first sweater last year I have a new confidence in my skill set than ever before. Then there's the fact that I now own a few shawls that I love, adore, and wear regularly, so knitting ALL the shawls isn't as important to me anymore. And finally, practicality. I don't really own very many sweaters and I wish I did. They are such an easy thing to wear in winter and hello, they keep you warm. 

I have also been thinking about, very surprisingly, socks. Y'all know me and my aversions to tiny yarn and needles, but for some reason I can't get the thought of socks out of my mind. I think it might be because I have only ONE(!) wip on the needles right now. That is definitely not my norm! It has me thinking about what's next. I'd ideally like a portable project and one I could add a few rows to easily and quickly and socks are really the best for that! So who knows, maybe this is the year I actually become a sock knitter. I have a vacation coming up soon and I definitely want to take a project or two for the plane and to work on when I am crafting with my friend, so I better decide quick what's next for my needles!

Onto the faves!

Branches and Buds 
Denai Kimono 
Olympia. This is fingering weight so I am laughing in the face of it. It's beautiful, though!
Kennings Yoke

Midsummer socks
I also want to knit several plain old vanilla toe-up pairs using Judy's Magic Cast On and the Fish Lips Kiss heel techniques so that I can just have it memorized and whip up a sock easily. 

Jadis. Bulky weight! Lace! Shawl!
What the Fade

Other random accessories
Gold medal hat
Pinwheel mitts. These are STUNNING!
So Faux Cowl. I'm not usually a leopard print person, but this just looks fun!
Bow Knot Scarf
Bittersweet Cowl
Easy Peasy Fade Cowl 

And one last thing- Wool and the Gang has a sock kit out right now that has yarn that makes its own leopard print (or cloud print) pattern as you knit! I LOVE the cloud ones.

So there you have it. All the patterns that are taking up space in my brain. I always think it's interesting to see the similarities (and lack thereof) when I look at my faves. It's looking like a simple oversized garter stitch pullover and/or cardigan is in my future- I have several of them faved! I'll be sure to update whenever I eventually cast something on!

ravelry revelry

Just because I can't knit as much as I'd like to these days doesn't mean that I'm not dreaming of new projects every 5 seconds. I have many many times gotten sucked into the lure of the Ravelry pattern search, adding project after project to my favorites. Oftentimes it would happen like this: I'd be scrolling on instagram and be stopped in my tracks by someone's WIP post. I'd read the caption and screenshot away, storing the info in my camera roll for later. Then one day i'd be wasting time on the web and go through all my screenshots and find and fave all the patterns on Rav. 

And then Instagram cut out the middle man for me! The bookmark! The glorious bookmark that keeps me from screenshotting all the projects. Now I just hit the bookmark button and in addition to having the posts super accessible, my bookmark feed is gorgeous. I recently opened up Rav and my insta bookmarks and got to favoriting away. 

Here are my recent faves:
Stay Soft. Lurrrrve the colors. 
Julia Sweater
Classic Hemmed Crewneck
Waterbirch. So chunky!!
Vertices Unite. In one color!! I love Stephen West but the zaniness of all the colors is a little out there for me sometimes, so this one really inspires me that I can have the West Knits style on my classic and neutral terms. 
Dreamsicle Cowl. Love that this is made with Quince! 
Shine Cotton Tee. Garter stitch PERFECTION.

File this under: so many projects so little time. 

crafty thoughts

I'm (clearly) real bad about posting anything other than my favorite links posts every friday. I'm not even going to apologize. This is my little internet space to do what I want. 

And today I wanna talk about my crafty thoughts. 

There are lots of them in my head. 

Right now I'm on an embroidery thought kick. Just thinking a lot about hand work and needles and thread. But not actually doing any embroidery. Just thinking about it. My phone and watch wallpapers right now are of an embroidered paper and every time I look at the screen it gives me that little urge to make some stitches. I'm thinking a lot about embroidering a chambray shirt. Just filling it up with stitches, without a real design in mind. An ongoing, possibly never ending project. 

One of my friends had a "make and take" birthday party. She bought this Sarah K. Benning embroidery pattern (which I also just recently bought) and she supplied the, well, supplies, and had her gal pals over and they embroidered. Even the non-crafty folks. I'm going to steal this idea for my birthday. FORCE my friends to do what I love. 

I've been thinking about my Sea Captain, who, nearly 2 years after starting, is still not finished. I'm in no rush. He's just chilling in my little hexagon tray, easily accessible to pick up and work on whenever I feel the eventual need to add some stitches. Maybe I'll do that while I watch Big Little Lies. While searching for the link to the Sea Captain, I spotted this pattern and now I'm thinking about that one too. 

Other crafty thoughts. I am still really enamored with the idea of woven bracelets. I borrowed this book from the library this weekend and one of the homes that is featured in it is that of Myriam Balay. I haven't ever heard of her before, but she is doing the exact sort of woven bracelets I want to do. Her shop is gorgeous and very inspiring for me. She weaves on an adorable little rigid heddle but I could definitely use my fave lap loom to get similar results. Here's her instagram account. Her pinterest account is super gorgeous too, i love her aesthetic. 

Hmm other crafty thoughts. Right now I just have a lot of ideas. I'm working slowly but surely on my knitting but not imposing any deadlines. I'm struggling with forearm pain once again (because I just can't lay off of instagram) so that makes long knitting sessions difficult. I really should go to my orthopedist and see what she recommends (probably laying off of instagram. I refuse to delete it. that's just going too far.).

I have a lot of urges to paint these days but haven't acted on them yet. I'm thinking a lot about acrylic paint these days which is new for me. Usually my painting urges are the watercolor variety. I found this artist and her finger painting really calls to me and makes me want to get a little messy. 

I think I'm just in a really tactile phase right now, wanting to really feel my materials and use my fingers as much as possible. I know a lot of non-artists and non-crafters don't get and/or understand that...that NEED to do a certain craft or art form and the need for tactile sensations. I'm not sure how to explain it other than just feels like a need and feels like it will satisfy something in my soul. Even if I'm not actually doing anything but thinking about it, it feels satisfying. I get real antsy if I haven't crafted in a couple of days. 

So, there are some of my thoughts. I will hopefully one day soon post some real posts with photos and everything, but for now, this will do. 

spring dreaming


Here in Dallas we are lucky enough to have a gorgeous and well-maintained arboretum. A few years ago my family got a membership. I dreamed of going often, studying and writing papers with my best friend while we were in grad school. That never happened, but it was a good idea. 

2 years later and my family has a membership again. In the month that we've had it, I've visited the arboretum 4 times. It's the best time of year to go- everything is in full bloom! Being surrounded by all the planty goodness outside had me craving planty goodness inside, so I brought the outdoors in. 



I have used the word inspiration quite a few times already throughout this blog. It’s because I find it to be so important to my motivation to craft and create. I go through creative ruts just like any other creative person (think writer’s block but more like knitter’s block or sewist’s block). Sometimes I take long breaks from crafting when I am experiencing a rut, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not filling up my creative tank. In these creative downtimes, I have found a few things to be helpful to inspire me and fill me back up and motivate me to get back to making. 

Recently I have been taking it easy on the crafting because I seriously overdid it about a month an a half ago. I was left with major elbow, wrist, hand, and finger pain if I so much as wrote an address on an envelope. I forced myself to rest everything for a couple of weeks and since have been trying to craft more mindfully. This means I am doing a lot less, but I think I am enjoying the process more and getting more fulfillment out of the crafting I am doing.

Here are some ways I get inspired:
Oh, favorite of favorites. I am constantly inspired by Instagram. I am always screenshotting images I particularly love. I follow nearly 1000 people, which to most is quite excessive, however, I’d say about 90% of those are for inspiration purposes only. I just can’t quit them! Some of my favorite instagrammers are not even sewists or knitters- many are illustrators, but others are bakers, cooks, and gardeners. Here are some favorites:
Sophie and Lili
Emma Block Illustration
Abigail Halpin
Joy the Baker
Amanda Arneill
Caitlin McGauley
Julia Denos

I am on Bloglovin' and I follow tons of blogs there, but these are my highlights. 
Hey Porkchop
Posie Gets Cozy
Make Something

Water Paper Paint
The Perfectly Imperfect Home
Sara Midda's South of France
In and Out of the Garden
Just Being Audrey
Usborne's Big Book of Things to Draw
A Rainbow of Stitches

Mollie Makes
Extra Curricular

Lisa Hannigan
Lord Huron
Basia Bulat
Olafur Arnalds
Gregory Alan Isakov
Pretty much any of the Anthropologie curated playlists on Spotify

Off to be inspired!