recently in the sketchbook


Keeping a sketchbook is a concept that I have pretty much grown up with. Having done art classes for most of my life, the practice of having a sketchbook and drawing in it often was something that was sort of ingrained in me. I found it daunting to follow through, though. I loved the idea of keeping a sketchbook, but the pages were big and I was worried about making things look good. 

A couple of years ago I decided to take some of the pressure off of myself- nobody said I had to have a big sketchbook! So I purchased a small sketchbook, mod podged a cute collage on the cover, and suddenly, it was fun to have a sketchbook! It has been a great place for me to explore watercolors and lettering especially. It's just for fun, but I have had good ideas for final pieces come from my sketchbook and flipping through it is inspiring. I screenshot a lot of instagram photos, especially of color combinations I like and quotes to practice later. 

Here are some recent pages from my little sketchbook. I'm going to have to start another one soon! 

I'm super into moon phases right now. I've always been a fan of celestial stuff and it's starting to show through in my art! 

I want to make a large version of this to hang above my bed. 

One of my very favorite song lyrics- I practice writing this one often. 

My small sketchbook makes it a lot easier to tote it around with me, so I'll bring it with me various places, along with my travel watercolor set, and favorite brush


#12monthsofpaint january


I follow A LOT of people on Instagram. A lot. Like an embarrassing number. I've gone through and unfollowed some here and there but there are so many that I just love following! I never get through my whole feed and that is ok. I am exposed to a lot of beauty on there and that makes me very happy. 

Last week one of my Insta faves, Abigail Halpin, posted a stunning all blue painting she had been working on. I saw that she was participating in August Wren's #12monthsofpainting and that this month's theme was blue, so I decided to give it a whirl. My "piece" is just a fun little doodle, not a grand finished work like so many people using the tag are posting. But that's ok! I love just having fun in my sketchbook! 

I got these Winsor and Newton watercolors for Christmas- I'm loving them! 

I love saturating the paper and then adding color to see what cool things it will do. I thought this looked like a pretty geode.

final page

I find that song lyrics are a really good way for me to have fun practicing my lettering (I'm working on improving my brush lettering skills these days) and what better lyrics than from Kate Nash's Shit Song?! Darling don't give me shit cause I know that you're full of it. What's better to letter?! And as my bestie said, "You're the only one I know who can make 'darling don't give me shit' seem so elegant." bahahahaha! I aim to please.