more on succulent propagation


I thought I'd write a little more about succulent propagation following Monday's post. Back in March, I co-hosted a dear friend's baby shower. As hostess gifts, she gave each of us a cute little plant. I got a succulent that was green and full of leaves and was looking pretty healthy. I was immediately a little worried because I haven't had the best track record with succulents! I have the tendency of overwatering them which is the worst possible thing you can do to a succulent. 

here's the succulent on the right and my little airplant next to it. 

proof of my overwatering tendencies- shriveled up leaves :( 

Not long after I got the plant, it just wasn't looking its best so I thought I'd move it outside to get a little more light. To my delight, it turned a gorgeous purple-y black color! But then I got worried. It started off so perfectly green. I started googling things like "succulent turned black" and all these horror stories of sunburnt succulents popped up. 

So I did what one does when one doesn't know what to do- I turned to Reddit. They were super helpful and told me that my plant was not sunburned, rather that I had been gifted an echeveria black knight and that it was actually supposed to be purple-y black! I felt like I had won the succulent lottery! 

my black knight! although I did some googling recently and came across the aeonium poldark and I'm wondering if that's actually what I have...

there's my black knight on the left and you can see my little propping leaves in-between the airplant and cactus. 

A couple of leaves fell off one day and I was just going to toss them out, but for some reason I kept them. Good thing I did because just a few weeks later I learned about propagating succulents from healthy leaves! And sure enough, my little leaves started sprouting roots and tiny leaves of their own! It's been a very, very long process, but I think I will get at least 1 new black knight out of it! 

tiny tiny sprouts starting

roots starting to come in! 

eeeek! tiny little leaves!

more leaves and roots!

big enough to get their own dirt and pot!

the one on the left is growing really well but the one on the right has slowed down a lot. 

black knight leaves propping alongside my new plant's leaves and rosette!

So there you have it, all sorts of propagation going on! It'll take a few days for my new plant's leaves and rosette to dry up and callous over on the ends and then I can move the rosette to dirt and let the leaves root a bit before moving them to dirt as well. Propagation is amazing!!


new succulents!


Yesterday I had lunch at one of my favorite little spots in Dallas, Corner Market. Right next door is Corner Market Flowers, where there is an assortment of cacti, succulents, and other plants. Their plants are always pretty healthy and displayed beautifully. Since I was there for lunch, I thought I'd pop next door and check out the succulents. I ended up coming home with 2 new ones! 

here's a photo of some of the succulents at corner market...I took this pic a few months back...if I knew then what I know now, I would've bought some of these! 

here you can see some little cacti next to the succys. 

I've been learning a lot about succulent propagation lately, so I went ahead and bought a plant that was probably going to just be tossed in the trash. It was so sad looking but the top of it and its stem were still quite healthy, so I told the girl at the cash register that I was going to try to bring it back to life. She was so happy and gave it to me for just $2! 

sad little succy- but lots of potential! 

top view. I loved the colors of the stem and top leaves and I can't wait to see how it looks when it's healthy again. 

As you can see in those photos, 2 of the leaves had fallen off because they were waterlogged. The ends of the leaves look great and I'm hoping to propagate them as well! 

this looks like it was a mistake, but it was intentional! 

I'm trying 3 different propagation methods with this plant- all the steps are outlined in this fabulous blog post

here is the stem in all her replanted glory. I'm hoping each of those little notches where leaves previously were will sprout a new baby. you can see her head in the background, which I am letting dry out a little before putting in her own pot. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I replanted this stemmy thing because the roots were so healthy! I was expecting them to be short and not looking good, but it was quite the opposite. 

The other succy baby was looking pretty good. She had one overwatered leaf but the rest of the plant was super healthy and I loved the colors, so I got her too. 

side view- the leaves point upward like that when they are getting enough sun :) 

replanted and looking gorgeous in her new home! 

Hopefully I will have succulent success and will be able to post some pretty update photos! 


the tomatoes that took forever to ripen


At the beginning of this summer I went with my mom to one of her favorite gardening stores. I wanted to get some fruit, vegetable, and herb plants, so I picked up some strawberries, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and mint. 

They started off as tiny green things and have morphed in the last couple of months into giant plants. The strawberries aren't doing too hot and ants keep getting to the strawberries before I can, but the tomatoes are doing well. 

That is, until it's time for them to turn red. 

They just sit on the vine, fully grown, happily green and light yellow and light orangey-red. They are taunting me. So many tomatoes, ready to be eaten, if only they would turn red. And so, I wait. 


oh heyyy remember me?


Oops, no posts for over a month! Oh my! 

Let's see what I was up to...

I did some watercolor weaving:

I wove on my new Hockett loom (for those of you keeping track, that's 4 looms now):

I practiced soumak a lot using this video

I sewed a blanket for my friend's new baby boy! 

I made very slight progress on my seed stitch wrap

I went to camp! And on my break one day I took an obligatory coffee shop photo. 

I tended to some tomatoes. 

I wove some more (of course).

I celebrated my last day of being 26 under the strawberry moon.

And finally, I reignited my love for embossing. #embossallthethings 

Well, that was fun!