constellation crazy

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved constellations and celestial-themed stuff. For as long as I can remember, so have my sisters. It has been something that we have all carried into adulthood to varying degrees. 

Recently, I've been looking for a constellation bandana. While I was searching the internet for the perfect one, I thought about making one. I ended up on Spoonflower and maybe might have gone a wee crazy with the bookmarking. Here are alllllll the fabrics I liked!

 Magick Bag Fabric. I like this one because it's just simply crescent moons and stars!
Celestial Dreams. Love the colors. It also comes in this lighter version
Deluna Navy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I really might have to get some of this one. I love the combo of the moths, the moons, the color, all of it.
Wax and Wane. I love a good moon phase. 
Space. I love the little astronauts on this one!!!
Half Moon. I particularly like crescent moons, so this one was a standout to me. 
Moons. I really like the painterly quality of this one and the various moon phases. 
Under the Stars. Simple. I like it in this dark colorway as well. 
Many Moons. This is actually a Cotton + Steel fabric but I love it!

Then of course I got off track and found some non-celestial fabrics I liked too!
Watercolor Swiss Cross
Watercolor Cacti. Two of my favorite things. 
Cutie little clouds!! In this color too
Crosses. Love the light pink. 
And last but certainly not least are these Hearts, which remind me so much of Comme des Garçons

Maybe I need to just get allll the constellation fabrics and make an epic quilt. Hmmmm....