august reads

here’s what i read (or finished reading) in august!

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poetry magazine july/august 2017.
i’ve been doing well keeping up with these! i’m finding that they are exactly life-changing or anything, but there were a few good poems here and there in this issue.

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health at every size by linda bacon.
this is treated as like the bible in my field. everyone always talks about it. hell, even i talk about it! but i had never read it. so i decided to remedy that in august. i liked it but it was very different than i was expecting. i was surprised by how much talk there was of whole foods and plant-based diets. it was good but i definitely wouldn’t recommend it to someone in eating disorder treatment or early recovery.

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i am her tribe by danielle doby.
i started this in july and finished in early september, but i will put it here. i loved this book and dog-eared many, many pages. so much of it spoke to me. i’ve been using it to read from in savasana in the yoga classes i’m teaching.

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faithful place by tana french.
this is the 3rd of 6 novels in tana french’s dublin murder squad series. it was definitely my least favorite of the series so far. the main character is just not my fave (and i didn’t like him in the likeness either) so it was hard to get into this one. obviously that didn’t stop me from reading it and anticipating finding out who the murderer was, but i don’t think i’d read this one again.

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the house of belonging by david whyte.
after reading everything is waiting for you, i knew i had to read more david whyte. this collection was phenomenal. i resonated with like 75% of it. it’s gorgeous and longing and there’s some heavy mary oliver influence in it.

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broken harbor by tana french.
oh surprise! 2 tana french novels read/finished in the month of august! this series has been so hard for me to put down and pretty much as soon as i’m done with one, i start the next. i really liked this one, definitely way more than faithful place. it’s gotten me and my friends who’ve read it joking about minks all the time, so that has to be good, right?

until next time.