july reads

hello everyone! i am back with some reading updates. in this post i am including everything i finished and/or read in its entirety in july. and there’s a bonus book at the end!

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devotions by mary oliver.
it should be no surprise to readers of knot + stitch that i love poetry. mary oliver was one of the first poets that i ever read. this collection was gorgeous and made me want to escape off into nature and stay for a few hours with no distractions.

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the secret of the yoga sutra.
i read this for my yoga teacher training that i finished in august (!). at the very beginning of the training last november, we were told we were going to have a write a book report on one of our required reading books. i got this one started in may because it was pretty dense and then lo and behold there was a miscommunication and there was no book report! i’m glad i read this though because there was some really great stuff in it.

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the likeness by tana french.
ooooh you guys. this was soooo good! i am currently on tana french’s 5th of 6 dublin murder squad books and this one was definitely my favorite so far. if i had to rate them so far, this would be my order: 1. the likeness 2. the secret place (so far…i’m still reading it) 3. broken harbor 4. in the woods 5. faithful place. i’m gonna be kinda sad when i’m done reading these books…i’ve been reading them in succession throughout the summer.

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trauma-sensitive yoga in therapy by david emerson.
this was my therapy book this month and i really liked it. there was so much information about trauma and yoga and how to apply yoga in the therapeutic setting, regardless of your own yoga skills. lots of embodiment work here.

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morality play by barry unsworth.
this was the book club book for july. i must admit that i went into it fully expecting to hate it and was very surprised that i really enjoyed it. i’m not a huge historical fiction person, which is what initially threw me off, but it is also a murder mystery which i very definitely love (see the tana french books). it was pretty quick and easy to read and very satisfying.

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year of wonder by clemency burton-hill.
this is a book that i bought and started in july. if you are a religious type, you might be familiar with a devotional: a book that gives you some scripture to read every day and some commentary on it. this book is the classical music version of that. a piece everyday, some information on it, and some anecdote. i have been loving it! sometimes i start my day with it and sometimes i listen just before bed. i’ve dog-eared so many pages and need to get a classical music playlist going. even more exciting is that clemency burton-hill has started a podcast, the open ears project, where famous people talk about their favorite classical music pieces.

look out later in the week for my august reads!