weekend reading

you know how i talk in every post about being more regular around here and then i don’t do that?

yeah. i’m just gonna roll with it. cause life’s too short to worry about posting regularly on this here blog that i have just for fun. and for being a repository for cool stuff i like and recipes i wanna try. so i’m just going with it. it feels good to clear out my ‘blog fodder’ bookmarks.

also. i moved in march. so that has contributed to not doing things for a while. who knew that settling into a new place could take so long?! some of these links i saved before i moved. before i even knew i was moving. so it’s fun to revisit them.

i have a body pillow that is just hanging out on the top shelf of my closet. I have ideas of making a cover for it eventually. it would look so good on my couch. here’s a tutorial that i liked- love the poms!

i love reading kylie’s blog. it’s so helpful to me as an eating disorders professional. i loved this yoga practice she described. i loved this post of hers as well.

this made me want to make pincushions. the perfect use for scraps!

i am obsessed with these handmade bolas.

a great tool for sewists- a pouch pattern calculator!

the healing power of sewing.

i haven’t had to make any repairs to my handmade socks…yet. this post will come in handy when the inevitable finally happens.

how poetry taught me presence.

so this website. looks kinda fake or something. but i must admit that i’m inspired by all the linen tops.

tiny woven pouch.

ever since i read the desert issue of making, i have been obsessed with this wall hanging. i really want to make it.


how fun is this yarn?!

i want everything from this shop.

i saw ina garden make this one morning and i got an instant craving for it.

i’ve really been into hand-dyed eye pillows lately. thinking i should make my own with my indigo dyed bandanas a la state.

i got a crockpot after i moved into the apartment. it is so nice to come home to dinner! this crockpot quinoa enchilada thing was AMAZING. it led to me looking for more crockpot recipes and buzzfeed didn’t let me down.

how stunning is this?!

olive oil berry cake.

i printed out this pattern last month. i have fabric for it, i just need to get around to making it!

i want to make the blouse and dress versions of this!

looooooove this wrap dress/top pattern.

i’m thinking i’ll have to make this sweater this winter. i have a similar sweater from loft and i love the cut of it.

a perfect top for summer.

i want this print for my living room.

adding these to the to-make list as well.

another online shop where i want everything.

this sangria sounds so good.

honey rhubarb posset.

i keep seeing this bag pop up online and i really love it.

watermelon lavender frosé!

thinking about lockets lately. and bracelets. and rings.

i’m really trying to make good use of my free time these days. articles like this encourage.

i had the opportunity to see david whyte in austin last weekend. it was a magical morning. this interview i found online included some of the stories he told us.

really obsessed with this top. and this jumpsuit.

well friends. until next time.