may reads

here i am with the may reads. i feel like this is the month i for real got serious about making reading a priority! i started doing what i used to do in college and grad school- i would figure out how many pages were in a book, how many days i had to read, do some division, put sticky notes all over the book to pace my reading, then would just read a bit every day. it’s a real helpful way to make sure reading gets done! but i also made sure to read for fun too, in a non-regimented way. here are the may books!

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daisy jones and the six by taylor jenkins reid.
you guessed it, this was for book club. i loved this book! i for real thought it was non-fiction for a bit. and i didn’t like it. then i found it out it was fiction and then i LOVED it! weird how that happens. at the beginning i wasn’t a fan of the interview format, but as i kept reading it liked it more. this was a super quick and easy read and very entertaining. i love music and i am super interested in the behind the scenes stuff, so this was perfect for those behind the scenes looks (even if fictionalized).

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befriending your body by ann saffi biasetti.
this was my therapy book for may. it was soooo good. i loved it and i use it ALL the time at work. i didn’t even put it on my bookshelf- it lives on my desk at my office. i have sticky notes all over it and i use it in my weekly body image group. i highly recommend this to eating disorders therapists who want to do more embodiment work with their clients. funnily enough, a coworker happened to read this book in may too! she liked it as well.

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in the woods by tana french.
it’s no secret that i’m a tana french fangirl. i read the witch elm for book club last winter and loved it so much that i downloaded all of her other books to my kindle. i really hate scary/crime movies and tv, but for some reason i devour suspense/mystery novels. they are addicting to me. i really enjoyed this one and there were some good twists and turns. there was also one sentence in the book that ends up being the entire plot of the witch elm which i thought was super cool. it was literally ONE SENTENCE! genius.

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poetry magazine may 2017.
i’m really doing it y’all. i’m reading all of the 2017 issues of poetry magazine! i felt the same way about this one as i did april 2017. it’s fine. i wouldn’t read it again.

stay tuned for my june reads!