june reads

we’re getting all caught up! hopefully i’ll stay caught up. but you know me. we’ll see. here’s what i read (and/or finished up) in june!

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this day by wendell berry.
i have been reading my way through this book for about 18 months. i find that poetry is best read slowly, just a page or two at a time, so that’s what i did with this one. i loved it so much. if you are a fan of mary oliver, you’ll probably find some poems in this book that you’d like. lots of nature and wonder in this one.

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everything is waiting for you by david whyte.
it was my turn to pick for book club, so i decided we needed some poetry up in that clurb. i chose this book because a friend turned me on to david whyte earlier in the year and i became a woman obsessed. i found out that he would be coming down to austin at the end of june, so i wanted to make sure i read this by then. i loved it. it was so good. and my book club loved it too! i was so happy to share my love of poetry with them and to hear them reading the poems and enjoying them and analyzing them and relating to them. i want to read my david whyte. he’s full of goodness.

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the sexual healing journey by wendy maltz.
oh the name of this book. it’s something. this was my therapy read for june. it was really good, but i definitely don’t recommend it to everyone. it’s a pretty graphically detailed book, so i’d recommend it only for people who are very stable and ready to read about sexual trauma in depth. it’s a great resource for therapists.

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poetry magazine june 2017.
a theme. nothing noteworthy.

well friends, we are all caught up on my reading. i’ve got my july books going and am excited to share them in a few weeks (hopefully). stay tuned.