april reads

so i’m a few months behind in blogging about the books i’m reading this year but hey, better late than never, right? here’s what i read in april (i had to go to goodreads and look up what i read in april.)

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the great alone by kristin hannah.
this was a book club pick. did i finish it in time for book club? of course not! i was a little behind since i had joined a second book club (which has since naturally dissolved, freeing me up to read what i actually want to read), but hey, i finished it! i had heard tons about this book all over the internet and irl. i liked it. it was a very moving story and engaging. i had trouble getting into it at first, but as i kept reading it was hard to put down. it’s a true love story.

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hunger, hope, and healing by sarahjoy marsh.
remember that i am trying to read a therapy book every month. i had started this one a few months before april but i finished it in april, so it’s going under the april reads list. this book is sooooo good and i highly recommend it to therapists who work with eating disorders and like incorporating yoga into therapy. it’s full of goodness and it’s one that i turn to often and will continue to turn to often. i had stumbled on it at half-price books and thought i’d just give it a shot and it turned out to be great!

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poetry magazine april 2017.
in 2017 i had a subscription to poetry magazine because there was an ad for it on this american life and you could get a whole year for $20. not being one to pass up 1. a deal, and 2. a deal on poetry, i subscribed. and quickly realized i was in over my head and wouldn’t be finishing them up as they came each month, so i cancelled the subscription at the end of the year. so i have this stack of 12 poetry magazines that just collect dust, so in april i decided that this would be the year that i read all of them. honestly, i don’t love them. they definitely expose me to poetry i’d otherwise never get to read, but other than that, i don’t get much out of it. i really like honing in on one poet at a time and reading a collection of one person’s work.

check back in a couple of days for my may reads!