weekend reading

oh hi.

let’s just get right to the point and get to the links, shall we.

once again i’m gonna break some posts up into categories since i’ve been a little absent here lately.

how about some recipes?!

Broiled Asparagus, a Poached Egg, and Charred Spring Onion and Garlic over Grits

have you ever made scrambled eggs gordon ramsay-style? i have and they’re amazing.

baked eggs in avocado!

twice baked potatoes with eggs.

pea tortilla with mint and yogurt. this sounds right out of an ottolenghi book.


food related: the sommeliers of everything. what would you want to be a sommelier of? i’m liking the tea and honey ideas.

strawberry hot chocolate. erin always gets it right.

chocolate puddle cakes. a chocolate puddle is my kind of puddle.

file this under: i bought a crock pot just for this. vegan lentil sloppy joes.

chocolate angel pie.

look how luscious and thicc this tomato soup looks!

i can tell you from experience that these are good without the ham.

vegetarian tortilla soup. i made this last week and it was very good.

tofu pad thai. i also made this last week! i always thought pad thai was one of those things i wouldn’t be able to make at home, but it was really easy. my only complaint about this recipe is that there wasn’t enough sauce. it was an easy problem to fix, but just throwing that out there.

4 everyday salad dressings. i love making my own salad dressing. they just taste so good!

and finally. cinnamon crumb breakfast bread. you’re welcome.

stay tuned for more weekend reading posts. hopefully not in 2 months.