february reads

it’s almost april but i thought i’d share my february reads :) my goal this year is to read 3 books a month- one of them being a therapy/work book. i didn’t hit 3 in february, and honestly really hit 1.5, but alas! I’ll (hopefully) have 2 books read by the end of march and then i’ll try hard in april to get all 3 in!

without any further ado, my february reads!

blood bones butter.jpg

blood, bones, and butter by gabrielle hamilton.
this was for my OG book club. i really liked it. i love a good food memoir, and this one had me thinking of italy and dinner parties with friends, which are two very good things to think about if you ask me. it was like reading an episode of chef’s table. it made me hungry, which is high praise for a book about food. i found the book to be funny and relatable and i thought it addressed the gender gap that is so prevalent in all areas of life, but especially when it comes to careers and mothering. i highlighted multiple descriptions of food to come back to and try later!


you are a badass by jen sincero.
this was for my second book club. yes, i joined a second one. we’ll see if i stay in this book club…i’m not sure that i want to be spending all of my precious reading time on books i may or may not be interested in. anyway. this is the book that i read half of. i just couldn’t make myself read the whole thing. it was way too woo woo for me and i thought it was really dismissive of things like mental illness and income inequality. it was basically the secret but in more “motivational” language. i have learned that i don’t do well with motivational books- i find myself actually wanting to rebel and prove to the author that they are wrong. so yeah. it wasn’t my cup of tea, but i know it’s really resonated with some people.

i am reading 2 books currently (for the book clubs) and i am liking both, so hopefully i’ll finish them by the end of the month and have a march reading update very soon! there are a few things i’m trying to accomplish before the end of march, so i’m having to really prioritize! see y’all here again soon!