weekend reading

hello friends. how was your week? i took this week off and it was quite lovely. it went by too fast. i did lots of yoga, read a little, watched a lot of grey’s anatomy (something i keep swearing off but then keep coming back to season after season), and did things at my own pace.

here are some things that stood out to me this week:

i have had a pair of fringed booties from old navy for several years now. they have been through the wringer- they have a lovely nail polish stain on them from when i accidentally dropped and shattered a bottle at target. they have been through the washing machine. they’ve been caught in rainstorms and snow. they’ve lived a life. even though they’ve been through the washer, they have…a smell. i wear socks with them but alas, they’re a little stinky. so imagine my delight when i saw a near-identical pair online at target!!! i went today and they didn’t have the lighter color, but i tried on the darker color so i know which size to order. i am thrilled. here’s to many more years of fringed booties.

i have been reading alicia’s blog for years and always so enjoy it. her blog inspired me to blog myself. this line stood out to me from a recent post of hers: “Oh, the days of January, I love them so. I love that the weather is cold, the garden is sleeping, the skies are gray. I love that. I love hibernating, and flannel sheets, and flannel nightgowns, and hot tea, and pretty tea mugs. I love yarn, and knitting, and television at night, and dark.” I would add flickering candles to that list. her blog always makes me want to be cozy and drinking tea and knitting.

earlier in the week i got an email from subpop records saying that luluc’s very first album, dear hamlyn, will be out in the us in march! i am so happy. i have only been able to listen to it on pandora, not in its proper order, so i am excited to listen to it all the way through very soon.

hooooowwwww cute is this?!

so happy to see some of my knitting friends mentioned in this new yorker article this week.

i might have to make this pretty wrap top.

clementine curd pavlova. mmmm. i’ve always wanted to try my hand at a pavlova but have yet to do so. soon.

in one of my yoga classes this week we used the bolster a lot, which is pretty much my most favorite thing. the sequence was so good that i kept reminding myself of it so that i could write it down later to do at home. one of my favorite poses was this one (prone twist- although we had the bolster propped on blocks). as i was googling to find an image of this pose, i came across this page with several bolster-pose ideas and i’m in love and will try them all!

that’s all i’ve got for you this week, friends. stay warm and cozy.