weekend reading

it’s been a while since i’ve written a weekend post. as usual i have a whole bookmarks folder full of links to share. sometimes i like to break it up into categories, but for now let’s just throw a bunch of links together and see what sticks.

doing nothing is doing something.

anybody else a fan of british dramas? for lovers of downton abbey, here’s a list of other period dramas.

hand knit coaster. aspirational.

love this handmade fanny pack.

a new to me sewing blog.

how gorgeous are these embroidery display hoops?! and speaking of embroidery hoops, i finally got one of these recently and hung a long-ago finished project.

summer is over etc. but that doesn’t stop me from wanting honey lemonade, heirloom tomato pizza, and watermelon agua fresca.

a lovely poem.

french silk pie! once back in 2007 a friend’s mom showed me how to bake this entirely from scratch and it took literally the whole day but it was sooooo good.

cute little heart quilt.

that’s all for now…i’ll share more links this week!