september reads

oh, books.

i am ahead of my goodreads 2019 goal! and it’s looking like i will stay and finish ahead! i have really been enjoying reading lately. not sure if it’s because i’ve been reading some good books or if it’s because i’ve actually been making time to read? whatever the reason, i’m happy about it and am happy to share my september reads!

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a mercy by toni morrison.
my book club read this in september. i hadn’t read a toni morrison novel since college, so it was nice to pick this one up, in memory of ms. morrison. i found this book to be sad and also found some parts to be heartwarming.

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the testaments by margaret atwood.
back in december, my friend rachel had her birthday. rachel works in the publishing industry and as such, also loves books and reading. we have a few favorites in common and for her birthday, i told her i would get her a ticket to an author talk. she ended up doing the same thing for my birthday and got me a ticket to see margaret atwood in september! i loved hearing her talk and hearing about her process and the writing of ‘the handmaid’s tale’. part of the ticket included an autographed copy of her latest book! i told rachel she could keep the book but that i did want to read it…and boy did i read it! i read it so fast. i really liked it. i will say that some of the complaints out there about it are very valid, but i did fly through this one and that’s always something.

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poetry magazine september 2017.
we are getting close to the end of my copies of poetry magazine and i’m not gonna lie: i’m glad. i will say that i have found some great poems in the magazines, but they are so few and far between for me that it has made reading the issues pretty tedious. this issue actually had a few poems that stood out to me, but the one that really hit me hard was joy harjo’s ‘becoming seventy’. i also really loved mario melendez’s ‘future memories’:

My sister woke me very early
that morning and told me
“Get up, you have to come see this
the ocean’s filled with stars”
Delighted by the revelation
I dressed quickly and thought
If the ocean’s filled with stars
I must take the first flight
and collect all of the fish from the sky

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the polyvagal theory in therapy by deb dana.
yalllllll. this book is amazing. this was my therapy read for the month and did it ever deliver. i have found therapy books to be somewhat helpful- typically lots of research and information but not a ton of application. this book is an exception. tons of info AND tons of application. i started using it in therapy groups and sessions immediately and it has really changed the way i approach things in therapy! a great book for therapists!

happy reading!