weekend reading

i promised i’d be here again soon and look, i am. let’s keep this up. here are some links for you to enjoy this weekend.

i’m moving soon and i’ve been on the hunt for some new furniture and apartment accoutrements. i, of course, have stumbled onto all sorts of wishlist items. how dreamy would it be to sleep in these sheets every night?

adorable little knitted doll cardigans! i actually really like the style of them a lot and want to make one in my size.

i’m thinking i’m going to have to make this sweet little set for my christmas tree next year.

more tiny knitted cuteness!!!

oh, love. never a waste of time.

ok, but like WHY am i so obsessed with candlesticks. cannot stop buying them. here’s a dreamy set i’d love to have. and yes, another set i’m coveting. and here’s a set i bought this weekend.

i have got to get my punch needle stuff out and play some more. some major inspiration here.

deep breathing is amazing.

i wanna knit this.

pomegranate. hot. buttered. rum. WOW YES.

you know what would go good with pomegranate hot buttered rum probably? spaghetti squash parmesan.

ethiopian spiced butter. i can only imagine how good this would be on toast.

until next time!