weekend reading

hello dears!

how is everyone? what small things are making you happy these days? i bought the cutest little house-shaped matchbox this afternoon and it is making me so happy. it looks adorable next to a lit candle. other than that i have spent the weekend reading a lot, getting back into doing my french lessons regularly, and took a long, very hot bath. i am on a knitting break (ish) right now (physical therapist’s orders), so i have been looking for ways to spend my time. i must say that i did knit a very tiny bit the last few days and it was really nice. hopefully i’ll be back to it again soon enough.

when i can knit a lot again, i really want to make some scrappy socks like this. such a good way to use those pesky little bits of leftover yarn.

french onion tart. oh my. i love onions in just about any form, but especially in the form of french onion soup (though it is difficult to find vegetarian versions). this tart looks so delicious and satisfying.

fried pistachios with lemon yogurt. yum yum yum.

did you read the neopolitan novels? they were super popular a few years ago and i ate them up. as soon as i finished one, i started the next. i remember being kinda sad when i was done- the characters felt so real and i was sad to say goodbye to them. hbo is making a tv show of it and i cannot wait to see it. it will be in italian and i’m sure it’ll be gorgeous in many ways.

i don’t remember how i ran across this sweater vest but i’m glad i did. it looks incredibly cozy and like an easy and very fast knit. i haven’t had any luck finding a pattern for it, but i bet i could wing it.

a new-to-me french craft blog. love it.

i’ve read good things about this scent and i want to smell it. i wish i could find it in a store in dallas and smell before i buy. the ingredients list is on the website so i could always try to diy.

well my friends, that’s all i’ve got this week. i hope your fall is off to a cozy start and that it’s full of taking care of yourself.