weekend reading

You know what really sucks? When you write a whole blog post (a pretty good one, I think) and it disappears into the ether. Le sigh. But! We shall carry on. I have been trying to clear out old bookmarks on my computer and as such, all the links I included in last week's disappeared post are no longer in my bookmarks. This week will be a mix of what I remember from last week and some links from this week as well!

Cross your fingers for no technological disasters.

First, we must discuss music. Last week, one of my favorite bands, Luluc, released an absolutely beautiful new record, Sculptor. Luluc makes musics that is perfect for pondering, road trips, and early mornings. Sculptor is no different and I have listened to it so many times this past week.

I would be remiss to not mention another fantastic album that was released just this week- Punch Brothers' All Ashore. My love for PB has been well documented on this blog, so it should come as no surprise that I am mentioning the new album here. They always amaze me with their creativity and how they are able to keep in line with their style and yet also change it up completely. I absolutely cannot wait for my vinyl copy to come in because this is an album that will be best listened to on vinyl. 

We are seeing a terrible heat wave here in Dallas, with temps hitting 110 every day. It's pretty miserable and I am spending as much time indoors as possible, trying to stay hydrated. I have had A LOT of beverages over the last few days, trying to get more creative than just water. Here are some favorites from the week. 
Sparkling rosé pimm's cups!!
Agua fresca
Arnold Palmer (I had this at Erin's house and it had raspberry tea and I added some cucumber slices...it was SO GOOD)
There was some other drink that I had linked to in my disappeared post that I can't find again...I think it was some sort of fizzy and strawberry-y drink. So I might experiment at home! 

I have been in a pink hair phase lately. Every once in a while I'll just get a bee in my bonnet and want a pink ombre look. I have been using this hair dye. I am going to make my own Overtone-type conditioner so that I don't have to keep re-dyeing my hair every Saturday like I have been the last few weeks. 

A few weeks ago I was reading Karen's blog and she was talking about knit kerchiefs/bandanas and I knew that I had to make one. I had bought some pretty Madeline Tosh yarn (link to the color way only...I can't find the exact yarn) when i was on a craft retreat in May and I knew a little bandana would be the best way to show off the yarn. I am using the Simpatico Wrap pattern and will increase until my bandana sides measure about 22" then I'll decrease and will not switch to reverse stockinette stitch. I have a feeling this won't be my last knit bandana. I have been wearing them like crazy lately! I even have been keeping one in my purse for just in case, and also to dip in water and wear in this ridiculous heat. 

I've recently started being more dedicated to a yoga and meditation practice. I have been using this Yoga with Adriene video so much thanks to my perpetually tight hips. For meditation, I have been really liking the Insight Timer app. 

6 Tiny Things You Can Do to Take Better Care of Yourself This Week. I'm really trying to make these things daily/weekly habits. I am a person that thrives on a little structure and lately I have been feeling a lack of structure, so I really want to get back into that. 

I loved these wallpapers on Design Love Fest this week and had a really hard time deciding which one I wanted to be my background!

Well my dears, that's all I've got! I'm sure I forgot some things from the last week, but probably only the most important things stuck! Have a great Sunday and stay cool!