weekend reading

Happy happy Friday! How was your week? I am enjoying the sunshine that is much needed after  a few weeks of rainy weather. I didn't realize how gloomy I was getting with that gloomy weather until the sun came out. I hope there is sun and a slight warmth to the air wherever you are. 

First things first: one of the most exciting parts of my week was Monday when I found out Punch Brothers are releasing a new album and will be touring in the summer. Another exciting part was Tuesday when I scored (very affordable) VIP tickets to their Dallas show!!! I am so freaking excited and will eagerly be awaiting the show in September! 

With all the grey weather, I knew I needed to start reprioritizing some ~movement~ in my life. The clouds and rain had me down and so I decided to start doing Yoga with Adriene on the reg again. I did FIVE days in a row this week which is definitely a record for me! The thing I most like about Yoga with Adriene (besides the fact I can do it at home and for free) is that she doesn't do any crazy poses and for the most part her videos are not stressful on the shoulders.

Vegetarian pot stickers!

I love a good hot bath with epsom salts, but this little mix sounds even more luxurious.

On one of those aforementioned rainy days I found this recipe and made a really delicious chai latte with it. I didn't have any dry milk so i just omitted that and made my tea with 6oz of water and 6oz of milk. I put the liquids and a black tea teabag in a saucepan and stirred in some of the mix. It was sooo good!

Do you guys suffer from secondhand embarrassment? I do. You'll know if you suffer from it too if all of these texts make you want to crawl into a hole. Super funny but the cringing is real!

Well, you guys, I did it. I have been talking about knitting socks on here a few times recently and I did indeed cast on a pair (of DK weight, nothing crazy!). I used Judy's magic cast on, and doing one-at-a-time (I've only ever done 2 at a time!), toe up with magic loop and a fish lips kiss heel, and I think I'l be trying Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off. #sockstuff

Idk why but I am always on the lookout for cute bandanas. I don't wear them particularly often, but I think I have this assumption that if I owned more of them that I would wear them all the time. Regardless, these are some seriously cute ones!

Brûléed! Earl Grey! Rice Pudding! Ahh! All the best things!!

This bread sounds REAL good. 

QuiltCon happened last week and I saw lots of lovely quilts on my instagram feed. I really like this one from Blair!

These painted teabags are so pretty!

Plastic-free aisle at the grocery store. I want every grocery store to do this. 

The Death of Clothing. Speaking of...I maybe might have bought a clothing item and an accessory this past weekend. I am trying not to buy any clothes this year but made the caveat of if I did, they would be secondhand, and guess what?! My purchases were secondhand! I got a really unique long sleeveless kimono cardigan type thing (I have no idea how else to describe this article of clothing!) and a backpack purse, which I had been wanting to find FOREVER. I felt good for not buying anything new and I know both will be used and loved often. Hooray secondhand!

Well, my dears, I think that's all I've got! I hope you all have a great weekend. Here's hoping you have plenty of sun and movement :)