weekend reading

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a lovely weekend full of rest, relaxation, and a little bit of fun. Hopefully these links add to one, or all three, of those things. 

Is it just me or are these culottes adorable?! The breeziness of a skirt with the security of pants?! Yes, please. Might have to add these to my to-make list. 

I saw this gorgeous embroidery on reddit this week and it made me want to try to make something similar. 

Sometimes I use these weekend reading posts as a repository for things I don't want to forget. This link is just that. I know I've talked multiple times on here about this style of apron...clearly I am still thinking about it and seeking them out! 

Last week, I went to a friend's birthday dinner. This particular friend is très smart and has a love and knowledge of literature. I had told one of our mutual friends who was in attendance at the dinner that I had thought of printing off a poem and including it in her card, but I was certain she had the poem memorized or something. This friend, also très smart and very literary, thought this was a fab idea. She is also very familiar with a lot of poetry so we ended up talking about poems and poets and I wrote down some people she mentioned and sent her a recent fave of mine. I'll leave this excerpt here:
I will repeat these words until I am no longer reluctant
Until these words are a given
Until they are no longer foreign in my mouth
I will repeat these words
I have a beautiful body
I have a beautiful body
I have a beautiful body
Until ownership becomes a privilege
Until this skin becomes a perfect home
Weathered and worn over time
A perfect home
Whose walls I know well
Whose stair case
And old floors creak my favorite song
I am my own favorite song that I am just now learning all the words to
But I wanna sing you
Sing you til the song sticks
(beautiful body by natalie patterson)

I liked that poem so much, I think because it describes embodiment perfectly. This a topic I could get on a soapbox with, but I won't, so I'll just leave this Marya Hornbacher quote here: "This is it: This body is home. This is where I live and hang my hat. This is where I settle into my hips and sit easy in myself, slung together with strong muscles and bones, made gentle and forging with flesh. This body is durable, has lasted for years, hunkered down through fierce storms and allows for the peaceful erosions of age. It is like a cottage on the shore: weathered and well made, a place where a person could comfortable live. I like it here. It is my own."

I am going to Seattle in just about a week and a half. I am super excited! I think I might try out the "dance church" class at this dance studio. I've heard good things about the dance church thing, so hopefully I make myself go to one of them! 

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were having a chat and inevitably, the conversation turned toward men and dating and love and all that good (question mark) stuff. She told me about an article she read recently and I was like "damn that hurts" and then she sent it to me and I was like "DAMN THAT HURTS". So, here it is. Read at your own risk. I hope you don't related to it too much like *ahem* someone else I know. 

Over the weekend I decided it was high time to go through all the many, many opened tabs I had on Safari on my phone. Among the tabs were two songs that I had heard performed live recently but that weren't on the artists' albums, so the only way I could enjoy them was youtube. Now I shall link to them so I, and you, can enjoy them again and again. 
Bela Fleck and Brooklyn Rider, "Next"
The Brother Brothers, "Angel Island"  

Until next time!