weekend reading

Welcome to Sunday. I hope this morning finds you content and rested and ready for a quiet day. At least, that's my hope for myself! 

Yesterday I was quite busy- hiking with friends at Cedar Ridge Preserve in the morning, then a delicious vegetarian lunch at Cosmic Cafe, followed up with some tea and being surrounded by books at Wild Detectives, then a quick jaunt home to look slightly more presentable, a dinner at a sushi restaurant (with PERFECT tofu), and finally, finally, some time at home with the fam. 

And how could I forget?! I started the day bathing and blocking yet another FO!! I finished up my Simpatico Wrap on Friday and got it all ready to wear yesterday. I'm looking forward to cozying up in it! It came out very, very large, so it doubles as a blanket! I'm itching to knit up a pair of socks (WHO AM I) so we will see if I end up casting on a pair soon. I'll have a post with Simpatico details soon. 

Now, onto the links!

I love this simple little star mani! I'm giving my nails a break right now after they've been suffocating under a gel mani for a few weeks, but I think I'll try this mani out soon. 

Have I ever talked here about my love for the podcast Call Your Girlfriend?! If not, a quick rundown: it's "a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere" and it is essentially and hour-long convo between bffs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. I have been listening for a few years and I credit it with keeping me woke, making me crave slushies in the summer, and for giving me excellent book recs. Ann is a journalist and she recently wrote a great article about not turning everything into a side hustle and I really resonated with it. Let people have their hobbies!

I, like many others, have been following along with the annual Fringe and Friends Knitalong and this year's logalong has been a delight to watch. Karen recently posted about an artist, Margo Selby, who does some log cabin work and OMG. I am SO inspired. As a part of the knitalong, Karen drafted up a seriously cute pair of fingerless mitts and yes, these are going on my to-knit list as well. I'm loving the all-grey ones.

Winter Lemonade with Ginger and Cloves. Ok. Yes. You don't have to tell me twice. 

Some tips from State the Label for building a more ethical wardrobe

This article popped up multiple times in the last few weeks for good reason. 

Setting deliberate making goals. Yes. I want to be a more conscious consumer as well as a more conscious maker. 

I really liked this post about self-care. 

Last Valentine's Day, I hung out with one of my best friends. Her husband was out of town on a work trip, so we had ourselves a little Galentine's Day. We went to dinner and watched a really, really sad movie. We also lit candles, you know, for a romantic ambience. It was then that I confessed this to my dear friend: I have long been terrified of matches and did not know how to properly light one. Completely without judgment, she taught me how to light a match without lighting my fingers on fire. I have been on a roll ever since and no longer fear matches and in fact prefer them to those ugly plastic lighters. I now own a box of matches and my only complaint is that the box is a little...well...ugly. This post inspired me to bust out some fabric scraps and my little sticker maker and make the box a little more pleasant to look at. It's the little things. These would make a really sweet gift as well!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that chocolate and peanut butter are the perfect pairing. I say this with conviction, having just finished a bowl of chocolate peanut butter Cheerios (if you haven't tried these yet, add them to your grocery list. They do not disappoint.). These cookies, then, are bound to be utter perfection. 

With that, I leave you to your Sunday. Spend it well, my friends.