weekend reading

Hello everyone! Christmas is upon us and I am in full-on vacation mode. I took the entire week off of work and I am planning on reading, doing yoga, and just generally relaxing. How about you?

Here are some links to enjoy on your break, however long it is.

Warming winter squash tagine. I made this last week, after about a month of not cooking, and it was so easy and so delicious. I loved all the wintery spices in it.

How good does this hot chocolate sound?

I want to DIY this.

I love the pretty pastel colors in this cowl.

I’m really into the pussy bow look these days. Here’s a cozy flannel shirt with one and here’s a link on various ways to make your own.

I believe I’ve mentioned here before that I subscribe to a daily poetry email newsletter called Pome. It is so good. Recently, this poem was shared. And I loved it so much. I told a friend about it and she recommended this poem and I loved it as well. It turns out that Brautigan was part of Pome’s inspiration, so it’s truly a full circle kind of deal.

A handmade bath soak is a perfect last-minute gift or a perfect gift to self.

Loving these starry free embroidery patterns.

I totally want this build-your-own greenhouse toy.

This spoke to me.

Ever-evolving wreath.

Candied orange peels. We have a ton of oranges right now and I really want to try my hand at these.

Merry merry!