weekend reading

are you tired of links yet? i don’t think i could ever tire of link posts. they are my very favorite on blogs. there are so many possibilities out there!

we’ve had some themes this week. food. crafts. things.

how about some links about habits and inspiration? do those seem opposed to you? i find having habits and routine really increase the space in my life to be inspired.

in my ideal life i would do each of these every single month. i do some of these things, some more consistently than others.

i feel like this next list is the extended version of the previous one. and i’m here for it. some of this stuff is downright hygge!

a helpful list for the decluttering aspects of the previous two lists.

how are we going to keep up with all of these habits and goals?! how about a habit tracker? i started doing habit tracking back in august. i’m not obsessive with it (no need to plan out every minute of the day), but i do set goals at the beginning of the month and i choose things that i truly want to spend my time and energy and focus on. i do not care to micromanage my life and prioritize things like cleaning and cooking. i do care about making time for things like yoga, physical therapy, meditation, reading, french lessons, and tracking my screen time and pain levels. for the first couple of months that i did the habit tracking, i just drew out my own little grid in my journal, but for october and november, i used this printable and i really like it.

a daily check-in worth trying. cultivating community and gratitude. yes.

related: 103 random acts of kindness. i want to do more RAKs.

home is a cup of tea. this article has really stuck with me. i can recall my own tea (and coffee) experiences that i’ve had throughout this beautiful planet we call home. tea is powerful stuff.

tis the season for movies. movies for bad days, weeks, or years. movies for fall.

i love everything about this post.

tea with strangers. i wish we had this in dallas!

some information i haven’t shared on this here blog before: i am doing yoga teacher training. it is a long program, 10 months, so we have a lot of time to really assimilate the information and let it steep and change us. i am loving it so far and am so excited about the ways in which i can use it in my work as a therapist. i’d love to do community outreach with it and this looks like a great program to do just that. other areas i’m interested in applying yoga to: eating disorders and body image issues (of course), adaptable yoga (for those of us who are injured, ill, or in pain), and yoga for ALL body types. i really want to make it as accessible as possible. getting off my soapbox now.

let’s talk about essential oils real quick. i like how they smell and i think they have some medicinal-type usages (i love to put peppermint oil on my head or stomach if they aren’t feeling well) but i don’t go crazy with them. here are some blends that i think would smell so good!

ok. have we done it all? made goals and started some habits and been inspired?!

perhaps i shall have a new goal/habit in december of posting weekly again?

we’ll see.