wednesday reading

the links continue. i told you we had a lot of catching up to do.

this link list is all about the stuff. those little things you see on the internet that you imagine having if you had some extra change to spend. totally unnecessary but make you feel like maybe you do have your shit together.

phases of the moon print. very important to know.

somehow halloween was nearly one month ago already. that doesn’t stop me from thinking this card is adorable.

this body refresher would make me smell so good. (not that i smell bad.)

you know what else would make me smell so good? any of these perfumes. pf candle co has some of the best smelling candles out there, so i can only imagine how nice these are.

imagine sending little love notes on this.

gorgeous nature-inspired jewels.

tiny little studs that only those who get super close to you can see.

happy hump day.