weekend reading


long time no see.

i have missed this space.

around the time of my last post, i was at the end of doing traditional physical therapy for my silly little elbow. i decided to stop going and pursue some other options. part of that has been limiting how much time i am on my devices. unsurprisingly, within about 2 weeks i noticed a vast improvement in my pain! very good news indeed. once again i have found myself readjusting my priorities. i miss this corner of the internet though and want to get back to it.

i have about a million links saved up right now so i’m going to do several posts, probably broken up into some sort of categorical system to share them all efficiently and without having 100 links per post.

so without further ado, all of the foodie links i’ve been saving up.

make your own ginger tea.

jackfruit “chicken” salad. i have lately been obsessed with whole foods’ vegan “chicken” salad and would love to have my own homemade version.

cinnamon toast with figs and ricotta. i mean, just look at that picture. how can i say no?

lemon smoothie.

vanilla turmeric golden milk latte. i made this in october and it was so warm and perfect. i have a milk frother now and i can only imagine that it will take this latte to new heights.

hot mulled cider. i also made this in october and it was a crowd-pleaser at craft night.

whole stuffed tomato dumplings. come on.

toasted marshmallow milkshake. this winter i want to toast some marshmallows in my fireplace, make this, then drink it by said fireplace.

plum pudding cake.

stewy chickpeas. i made this last month as well and it was so good that i don’t have the words for it. i need to make it again soon.

vegetarian french onion soup. i made this in october and y’all. it was amazing. so worth all of the time that went into it. the next time i make it i’m going to add some worcestshire sauce for a little more umami.

homemade spicy ramen with tofu.

and finally, not a recipe, but a recommendation now that we are in peak pie season.

check back monday for another installment of links.