weekend reading

happy weekend, friends. how was your week? mine was quite nice as i had three whole days off! it was much needed and i used my time wisely and i feel refreshed! 

on to the links!

this corn chowder sounds like the perfect late-summer thing to eat!

i'm such a sucker for the funny posts on buzzfeed and this one did not disappoint me. 

fall is coming! and this means cute outfits. but sometimes i get tired of wearing the same outfits so i need some inspiration to mix it up. this post has some great ideas!

speaking of fall clothes- i bought this top last weekend and it's already become my new favorite! it's a little too warm to wear it right now but i have a feeling that in the fall i will be wearing it constantly.

i really like may designs and their notebooks- i have multiples that i have used as gratitude journals and work notebooks- and now they have these adorable folios. i'm definitely tempted to get the spotted one.

i ran across this body image comic this week and LOVED it. i need to print it off for my patients at work. 

one day i will finish off a weave with the half hitch knot and when i do i'll want this handy tutorial.

good bones. 

i tried this makeup tutorial this week and i really liked it! it really did emphasize my eyes more.

i went to yoga this week for the first time in FOREVER and at the studio i go to, the teacher always puts a little lavender pillow over everyone's eyes during savasana. i always really enjoy it and i thought to myself that i could definitely easily make my own lavender pillow! i already have everything i need, so i did just that! i used the measurements and tassel idea from this tutorial but i did make it more like a little pillowcase and made the actual pillow as an insert so that i can wash the cover. 

how dreamy is this color?! 

this scarf! i haven't knit a scarf in a while, just shawls, but this one might break me of that habit.

and finally. this week i had one of those weird and random thoughts pop into my head- why are you supposed to trim candle wicks? so i went out in search of the answer and not only did i find the reason, i found some candle-burning tips and tricks that make sure you have the best candle experience. this week i made sure to always let my candles burn until the entire top layer was liquid and it made my candles look so much nicer and i think it means i will actually get to use up the entire candle instead of having some leftover wax hanging out on the bottom and sides. i did have to do a little candle surgery on one of my candles since it had some tunneling going on but it's back in flat working order now. also i feel like this is a good time to mention that i was terrified of matches until this year but a friend taught me the right way to use them and now i'm obsessed with them!

ok, i'll leave you on that weird note. happy weekending!