weekend reading

Happy Saturday! 

My week was pretty hectic, thus the late posting of this post! But we are here now, it's the weekend, and I am listening to some real good tunes, so let's get this started. 

It's the morning, I'm writing this in bed, and food is on my mind. Like these Ramen hacks! Related: easy vegetarian meals with lots of protein!

Earlier this week, my home was a bit of a construction zone. The entire living room had to be taped off so dust wouldn't get everywhere and it resulted in a few air conditioning vents being blocked off, meaning the rest of the house was very warm. I found myself donning my lightest weight pjs and dreaming about having some other light and airy options. I'm thinking any of these would work.

My French is getting better every week and I am comprehending a lot when I read in French. I'm hoping to start reading some of these stories to increase my comprehension. 

I really like this little laptop table.

While perusing Reddit this week, I came across this thread full of excellent music and this video that breaks down Bohemian Rhapsody into is amazing-on-their-own components. 

Let's talk about crewel. It is something I have never been interested in because it seems like I only see the 70s variety with daisies and the avocado green colors. This week I saw this kit from Purl Soho and now I definitely want to do crewel. 

A few weeks ago I found Nibyniebo on Instagram and I have become obsessed. She released a PDF pattern of one of her creations and I totally want to get it and recreate it!

Cotton+Steel released their newest lookbook and there are some gorgeous fabrics coming from them soon, as always! I particularly LOVED this banana print! I wanna make a blouse or a dress out of it!

I heard that Spoonflower released a new gauze fabric this week. Sara made a SUPER CUTE top from it and now of course I want to copy it exactly. 

I always love Lucy's crocheted blankets, but I especially love the color gradient in this one. Her blankets always make me want to learn to crochet. 

Such a perfect visual for why I am trying my hardest to buy only natural fibers these days. They degrade! Which sounds like something you don't want, but in the long run, it is so much better for everyone. 

There are lots of good books listed here

Currently reading.

Happy reading, eating, listening, and crafting!