weekend reading

oh heeeeyyyy. you didn't think i could keep the regular posting thing going, did ya?! the honest truth is that i didn't have any links to share 2 weeks ago and then i got lazy when i did have some links AND THEN I had to get another cortisone shot in my arm and was in too much pain to type SO here i am now, posting lots of links that have been saved up for a bit now. without any further ado, links!

It should be no surprise to anyone here that I love poetry. I have a few faves memorized, but I definitely want to learn more and this article only encouraged that desire. 

Mushrooms. I hate eating them but they are really really cool to look at!

Recipes! Tzatziki! Corn chowder!

The first photo in this post provided me with some major outfit inspiration. Yes, I'm serious. I now have a deep need to make that sweater that I mentioned in my previous weekend reading post in a deep green and wear it with my flowy pink skirt. 

I can't decide if I love or hate this skirt. It's so so cute on Sara but it's also so 90s? The jury is out but I keep thinking about it...

Actual conversation at my work dinner a few weeks ago: 
My supervisor: One of my big regrets in life is not getting that boob mug I saw in Europe.
Me: Why don't you get a boob vase?! 

~eclipse things~ I know it was a week ago now, but you gotta admit that it was prettttty cool. I brought 3 pairs of eclipse glasses to work and me and my coworkers all took turns staring at the sun and saying wow and being amazed. Here's a cool poem about the McDonald Observatory here in Texas and here are two photos of the eclipse that I really loved. And a rad art print!

Cute quilt binding idea.

These crocheted leaves are just ridiculous.

I have been loving the Imma Eat That blog recently and read an old post that really spoke to me.

I finally saw Amélie. Yes, I am the last person to ever see it. Yes, it was delightful. And weird. And funny. And French! Of course after I finished it, I wanted to find more French movies on Netflix to maybe hopefully somehow improve my listening skills, and I found this great list

And speaking of français, there is new research to suggest that exercising while practicing a new language can help make it stick better so it looks like I'm gonna have to figure out a way to move while doing my daily French lessons!

Et finalement, two cute hairstyles I want to try. Feeling real confident in my skills for the first one, not so much for the second one!