weekend reading

Hello hello, friends. How are you? It's hard to believe that I've missed a few weekend reading posts but that I haven't missed other posts! That's pretty impressive for me. I haven't done much crafting in the last few weeks, thanks to my pesky arm, but that hasn't stopped me from finding some good crafty links and some other just good links. 

Let's dive in. 

A few weeks ago I learned about this Pep Talk Generator and I am now obsessed. It's my new go-to for encouragement and daily affirmation. 

I found this website last week and have been looking up EVERYONE'S account. It's kinda addicting. 

Using your phone intentionally. I feel like this is a thing I think about ALL the time. I know others are thinking about it too and I really do want to try harder to not be on my phone allll the time. I liked this article because I thought it gave some really good practical tips and ones that I'm not reading all the time. 

Bristol Ivy and a few other cool knitters went on an amazing trip to Shetland Island. Bristol did THE COOLEST project with supplies from her trip and documented it on her Instagram

And speaking of said Shetland Island trip, Jamie from Fancy Tiger Crafts went as well and posted a really fabulous recap of the trip. I wanna do a trip like this!!!

As a woman with a Master's degree, I have heard the "intimidating" line a time or two. I really appreciated this article and loved the message about being your amazing intimidating self. 

This article was so good that I immediately printed it out and used it in one of my therapy groups. I've seen it making the rounds all over the internet, for good reason. 

I love wholesome memes so much and this whole post made my heart happy.  

Obviously I knew knitting was the new yoga like 13 years ago, but some people are just now figuring this out. Plus, it linked to a free blanket pattern!

Yeah, imma need to make one of these and never take it off. 

Shibori quilt goals!!! 

Happy weekending!