ravelry revelry

Just because I can't knit as much as I'd like to these days doesn't mean that I'm not dreaming of new projects every 5 seconds. I have many many times gotten sucked into the lure of the Ravelry pattern search, adding project after project to my favorites. Oftentimes it would happen like this: I'd be scrolling on instagram and be stopped in my tracks by someone's WIP post. I'd read the caption and screenshot away, storing the info in my camera roll for later. Then one day i'd be wasting time on the web and go through all my screenshots and find and fave all the patterns on Rav. 

And then Instagram cut out the middle man for me! The bookmark! The glorious bookmark that keeps me from screenshotting all the projects. Now I just hit the bookmark button and in addition to having the posts super accessible, my bookmark feed is gorgeous. I recently opened up Rav and my insta bookmarks and got to favoriting away. 

Here are my recent faves:
Stay Soft. Lurrrrve the colors. 
Julia Sweater
Classic Hemmed Crewneck
Waterbirch. So chunky!!
Vertices Unite. In one color!! I love Stephen West but the zaniness of all the colors is a little out there for me sometimes, so this one really inspires me that I can have the West Knits style on my classic and neutral terms. 
Dreamsicle Cowl. Love that this is made with Quince! 
Shine Cotton Tee. Garter stitch PERFECTION.

File this under: so many projects so little time.