weekend reading

Well bonjour, mon amies! I unintentionally did not blog last week. I promise to make up for it with links today. I was definitely on the internet last week and then I realized that I hadn't saved any of my favorite links for the week to share *gasp*. 

Let's get into them now!

As I have talked about here before, and as you could tell from my introduction in this post, I have been learning French. It has been so much fun! Definitely not as bad as when I was learning Spanish in school. I think the difference is actually wanting to learn as opposed to having to learn. Plus there are cool apps these days! I have been using Duolingo and Tinycards and just this week added Lingvist and Memrise into my daily practice rotation. Duo, Tinycards, and Memrise all go really well together with learning the basics and Lingvist is helping me apply the basics to full sentences and questions. If you're looking to learn a new language, I definitely recommend all 4 apps. 

Whenever I am listening to the radio or just randomly hear a song I like, I will try to Shazam it and screenshot the information for future reference. Then I add the song to a giant Apple Music playlist that I will play on shuffle and it makes me feel like the best little music curator ever. Sometimes if I just hear the title and artist I'll write it down in my Notes app and add it later. For a few weeks now I've had "The Magician by Andy Shauf" written in my Notes app. I thought it was probably a book so I was looking it up on Amazon the other day and it turns out it's a song. I have no idea where I heard about it. I just added the album to my Apple Music a few days ago and I haven't stopped listening since! I looked him up to see if he is touring and...HE WAS IN DALLAS TWO WEEKS AGO!!! I missed him by 2 weeks!!! I was so mad when I saw that. If only I had added him to my playlist earlier argh! But his music is great and well worth the listen, whether or not he is touring near you! It's one of those albums that I definitely want on vinyl because it is just perfect soundtrack-of-my-life music. 

Currently reading: Cork Dork. It is really funny, sometimes almost suspenseful, full of information, and making me really want a glass of wine when I read. 

Other books that I have perused some this week (for work): Body Kindness and The Intuitive Eating Workbook

I subscribed to Making magazine earlier this year and I have been waiting alllll week on pins and needles for my copy of issue 3 to arrive. People keep posting photos of theirs on Instagram and I am over here, being impatient and anxious for my copy. I hope it comes today so I can enjoy it all weekend! 

Gimme all these (ethical, sustainable) clothes!

Let's talk skincare/sunscreen for a second. We all know we are supposed to wear it (yes, everyday). I have the hardest time with sunscreens...either they smell too much like the beach (fun for when you are at the beach, gross when you aren't), sting, or the absolute worst- leave an oily residue. I really like this sunscreen but it still affects my makeup during the day, so most days I *gasp* go without. I'm considering trying this Supergoop powder sunscreen. I think I'll ask my dermatologist about it and see what she thinks! 

I am IN LOVE with Jen's Nani Iro quilt top!!! I need to start hoarding more Nani Iro to make something equally gorgeous one day. 

And finally, remember when I wanted to shibori dye a bunch of stuff? Now I want to dye my weaving looms

Happy weekend, pals! I'm going to be Ren Festing, bbqing, and going to several various parties. I hope your weekend is equally exactly how you want it to be!