weekend reading

Sunday! One of my favorite days of the week. Yesterday I got to show off an historic home as part of a home tour and then I went to a friend's coffee shop gig. It was such a nice way to spend my Saturday! 

Here are a few links from my week:

Remember Hygge? It's still a thing (it will forever be a thing!) and I loved this Buzzfeed quiz about how hygge you are because it told me I am like totally hygge an also because it gave me some more hygge ideas!

I read a lot of articles this week about birth and maternity...I guess Mother's Day was on my mind. I learned a lot from the various articles I read. Some of them, like this one, were really horribly sad, but this one was very informative. 

If I were more of a t-shirt wearing kind of gal, I would've bought this faster than you can say maker. 

Going along with all the birth and maternity and mothering type things, I watched all of The Handmaid's Tale this week. It's one of those shows that is absolutely terrifying, not because it's scary but because the possibility of it feels too real and too close to home. Yikes. It's beautifully made though and the acting is really great. 

I painted my nails this week for the first time in forever. I painted them in this color and it has yet to chip even though it's been a few days! Normally I can't go even 12 hours without a chip!

I have everything I need to make these little strawberry scones! I'm thinking they would make perfect breakfasts all week long. 

I found a new-to-me sewing pattern brand this week and I am in love with this dress pattern and this separates pattern. I was surprised at how much of the French I could read on the website! It was really encouraging to me to continue working on learning French. 

Super cute bikini note cards

I hope the rest of your Sunday is restful and nourishing! xoxo