weekend reading

Le sigh. I wrote this whole post and then my computer did something weird where it switched the tabs and I lost all of my post! But that's ok because it's Friday and the weekend is all about being easygoing and carefree, right?! So here's round 2 for me; I hope it will inspire!

I have loved Jeni's lined drawstring bag tutorial for many years now (they make excellent gifts!) and I was really happy to see that she put out a new iteration this week. This version is perfect for those hoarded fabrics that we all keep because they are just too pretty to cut. 

And of course, I'm just going to follow those links with a link to another pattern for a project bag. You can never have too many! This one would be perfect for sock knitting or colorwork projects. The little tiny straps with snaps to hold the yarn in place is GENIUS.

I heard about this skincare line earlier in the week and it sounds right up my alley. The products are all-natural, something I have been aiming for in my beauty routine, and the scents sound so divine. I really wanna try the Bergamot Ginger Body Oil

Super Babies Don't Cry. This is a very thought-provoking read, full of heartache and wisdom. 

Toddler backyard obstacle course. Could this be any cuter or more fun?! 

On Easter Sunday, we had some family and friends over. I was sitting at a table with my little 11-year-old (going on 22) neighbor and she told me that she had been learning French using the Duolingo app. Not wanting to be outsmarted and out-apped by an 11-year-old, I immediately downloaded it. The thing is- I love it and I'm now obsessed with it. It is seriously so much fun and I really am learning some French! I found a flashcard app that goes along with it and it's been really helpful in creating a new habit! Right now I can say things like Je suis riche (I am rich...hahahaha I just told a joke in French!), Le chat mange une pomme rouge (the cat eats a red apple), and L'enfant a une robe noir et elle est calme (the child has a black dress and she is calm- totally nonsensical but I'm having fun stringing French sentences together!). I learned Spanish from 8th grade all the way through sophomore year of college and it's been tough with the French to not pronounce everything the way it's pronounced in Spanish. I find that doing the stereotypically French thing of pursing my lips while I speak is actually a great way to pronounce everything correctly! 

Well friends, I'm off to learn more French, read this book from the library that I've been waiting very impatiently for, and to pull a babysitting all-nighter! I hope your weekend is equally wonderful!