weekend reading

Hello, friends! How's your week been? Mine was soooo busy and fast-paced that I am still just trying to catch my breath. I'm hoping the weekend goes by much more slowly and will be relaxing! There aren't too many links this week (you know, because I didn't have much time to be on the interwebs this week), but here are the few I did find this week! 

Last weekend was DFW Fiber Fest. It is like Stitches but more local. The vendors are mostly from the area and there aren't as many classes as there are at Stitches. Fiber Fest also focuses a lot on spinners and crocheters instead of just knitters and weavers. It's super fun though and has the same vibe that Stitches does. I went this week to the vendor hall and picked up some gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres and some Madeline Tosh

After Fiber Fest I of course immediately cast on a new project. Any guesses on what it is? If you guessed a shawl or wrap you are 100% correct. I have had the Simpatico Wrap in my mind and queue for a long time now and was waiting until I had the perfect yarns for it. The Hedgehog and Madeline Tosh definitely are special enough to be so grandly featured! 

I loved reading about how the costume designers of Beauty and the Beast tried their hardest to make the costumes from sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics

I am drooling over this gorgeous sweater. It looks sooo cozy!


Have you ever tried lassi? It's a yogurt-based drink from India and it's really good. I found this recipe for a rose one and I can't wait to try it.

How gorgeous is this dress?!  

And in more serious links, I really liked this article, When Harry Did Not Meet Sally. Thought-provoking for sure and it makes some really good points. 

Happy weekending!