shibori dreams

A couple of weeks ago I posted a shibori tutorial in my weekly link round-up. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I have gone into all-out research mode and have lots of shibori dreams and ideas. 

Here are some helpful links I have found along the way. Hopefully soon I will put all this knowledge to good use! 

How to indigo dye fabric. I like this post a lot because of the results they got with the various ways they folded and clamped the fabric. I also love the dip dye effect! 
Indigo dye day at Fancy Tiger Crafts. I love the indigo dyed yarn! I have a skein of some gorgeous teal yarn and I'm thinking about overdying it with indigo. 

I'm thinking this company's natural dyes are going to be my best bet. 

Things to dye:
Swaddle know, to wear as scarves. But could also make for some excellent baby shower gifts. 
Bandanas! I found this website in my research and they have 100% cotton bandanas (and an organic option!) in the regular 22" square size but also in a 27" size which would be really nice. I really wanted to find bandanas that are made here in the USA, but after speaking with the BandanaMan, I found out that all the bandanas in the US are manufactured elsewhere. That made me sad but it also makes me feel less guilty about ordering some bandanas since I wouldn't be able to find any from the US. 

An essential:
I think The Modern Natural Dyer is going to be an essential in this whole process. Luckily I already own it! 

I'm thinking some shibori pillow cases would be cool too and some fabric to eventually piece together into a rad quilt! I think this will be the perfect summertime crafting!