weekend reading

It's the weekend, party people! 

I finished The Young Pope this past weekend and am still obsessing over how good it was. It was seriously phenomenal. And to fill the void, I started Big Little Lies. My very first thought while watching was how fantastic the opening sequence is. The theme song (by the amazing Michael Kiwanuka) is my newest jam. I've played it on repeat. And then I just couldn't handle the suspense so I started reading the book. I had meant to ever since it came out and watching the show and not knowing what's going to happen has spurred me to finally read it! The music throughout the whole show is so good and I hope there's a soundtrack. 

While buying Big Little Lies at Half-Price Books, I perused the vinyl section. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, was just seeing if anything stuck out. And sure enough, I found a copy of Joni Mitchell's Clouds that looked like it had seen many, many better days. I took the vinyl out of the (very torn up) sleeve, expecting to find it warped and scratched, but you guys! It was in PRISTINE condition! I was so pumped and I gladly paid the $3.99 that HPB was asking for it. I brought it home and cleaned it and played it. I also researched it and it looks like mine is from either 1969 or 1970!! So cool!!  I want to go back again this weekend and find some more gems! 

How comfy and versatile does this brand look? I want to live in all the photos. 

File this under: something I came across in the past and loved and then forgot where I found it and I have been reunited with it. Ok that's long. Simple azuma bukuro bag tutorial. Perfect use of those precious 1 yard pieces of fabric! 

This chia seed pudding sound really delicious!

Have you ever travelled with packing cubes before? I hadn't until I went to Australia. I wanted to take just 1 bag for a 2 week trip which is difficult for me! A friend lent me her packing cubes and they helped me efficiently pack. Bri at Design Love Fest designed some for Target and I definitely am going to get them. Cute and functional!  

This little note is soooo cute

Cute little quiches!

File under: cute but there's no way in hell i'm gonna spend $80+ on pjs

This recipe contains my 2 favorite foods- bread and cheese. 

Well, I have lots of reading to do so I'll catch y'all later. Enjoy the weekend!