weekend reading

Another week, another weekend. How's life going for you? I'm continuously debating the merits of being informed and of avoiding news altogether. I want to do things but I also want to become a hermit. It makes decision making difficult. So for now, let's just look at some things on the internet. Alright? 

2017 is the year of the hand knit hat. OBVIOUSLY. I still haven't made myself a pussyhat, but it's still clearly needed, so maybe I'll get on that this weekend. 

Warm molasses milk. The words themselves soothe the soul. And it's a Joy the Baker recipe, so you know that it's impossible for it to lead us astray. 

Embroidered clothing. It is on my list these days. I really want to deck out a chambray button down with some rad embroidery and I want to do a cute pocket tee as well. Luckily this post is here to help us with the pocket tee

So y'all know my new thing about clothing, yeah? The whole conscious consumerism and trying not to just throw stuff in a pile to give to Goodwill because nobody wants our used clothing anyway. That whole thing. This website has a handy little chart to help you decide if you should buy something and I definitely will be consulting it in the future. 

In an effort to buy less clothing, I want to make more of my own clothing. I'm thinking this fabric would make a great mini dress. I bought some of this fabric to make another Marthe blouse

When I was in college, or maybe even as late as grad school, I discovered the amazingness that is Annie's white cheddar shells and cheese. I was raised on Kraft mac and cheese and while delicious, something about that color just screams artificial. Annie's tasted, and looked, like real food. One day I decided to up the healthiness just a bit and threw in some frozen broccoli. Y'all, it was a revelation. I rarely eat Annie's without broccoli now. Then I learned that this is like, a thing. People doctor up Annie's white cheddar shells and cheese all the time. And so, when I came across this recipe, I knew it would be right up my alley. I'll probably cheat and use the Annie's for the pasta bit!

Another winning recipe from the food blogger I nanny for! These granola bars are SO good and every time I'm babysitting at her house I eat at least 2 of them. Can't get enough!!

I achieved a big crafting goal so be on the lookout for a post about that on Monday!