weekend reading

It's that time again! Friday! How has your week been? Mine's been pretty great and pretty busy, so there's not a ton of links today. But the ones I've got are good, so sit back, relax, and click!

I love this idea of quilted modern art. It would be a great way to use some precious cuts of fabric that I have been hoarding because I'm not sure what the ~perfect~ project for them would be. 

Last week I sang the praises of The Young Pope. And I still am. But you know what one of my favorite things about the show is? Andrew Bird has a couple of songs that are pretty much the mainstay of every episode! So I have been listening to a lot of his music these days and his episode of Song Exploder

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS CAUSE PUNCH BROTHERS ARE COMIN' TO TOWN. All caps were required. On Tuesday I was just perusing insta as I do and they posted that they are coming to my fair city in June and I was ELATED. Elated, I tell you! I of course bought pre-sale tickets the instant I could and good thing I did cause pre-sale sold out. It's gonna be a packed show fo sho. 

In cute knitting news: wee sheep and an adorable bear pattern!

Also in knitting news- my bestie got married last weekend and is honeymooning in Paris. I of course sent her with a yarn wishlist so that I could make this beauty. French yarn ooh la la!

Speaking of France, let's talk about wine. You all know that I am a little into wine and especially the winemaking process. I am pretty picky about my wine and will not drink anything I don't truly love. There are a couple of pinot noirs that I really LOVE but I often find myself disappointed with most pinots. I'm thinking this technique of buying wine will be useful for me! 

Every Tuesday I have a little dinner, a little Mindy Project watching, and a little crafting with a sweet friend. This week I hosted and made nachos, mostly so I could have an excuse to make guacamole and salsa fresca. These recipes did not disappoint! 

And finally, this looks like a real good contender for a Saturday morning breakfast.