weekend reading

It's Friday morning. I am writing this from bed. I'm going to go get a manicure today. And read. And watch TV. That's right, I HAVE THE DAY OFF! And I have no qualms about bragging about it. I need this day. I have been go go go go go going for a few weeks now and I feel it, y'all. 

Here are some links to make you feel like you have Friday off too!

I'm notorious for putting myself on the hold list for 100 books at a time and then getting a new one every few days. I'm trying to space them out more so I can actually enjoy them. This week I have been reading Everything You Want Me to Be. It is so good! Very who done it and a page turner. 

A few weeks ago I was babysitting at a friend's house. This friend has HBO. I do not. So naturally I started watching The Young Pope. Y'all. It is fantastic. I highly recommend it. I recommend it so much that I added HBO to my cable package so I could finish watching it. Watch this scene and you'll be hooked. 

I've been seeing all sorts of cool weavings on Instagram and was interested in pieces with wrapped yarn. Kate over at The Weaving Loom did a tutorial about it and I can't wait to try it! 

One time I watched The Pioneer Woman and she made this incredible looking cinnamon toast. I love cinnamon toast and this one looked so cinnamon-y and crunchy. I finally tried it this week and...omg...it was amazing. It's super easy to boot!

Grab your tissues. This is a incredible read. This man has a huge heart and I hope to be more like him. 

Is it still important to teach children to sew? YES OBVIOUSLY. 

Craft as embodied satisfaction. Yes. This is probably 90% of the reason why I craft. 

I had a galentines day with one of my besties on Tuesday night. We thought we would stay in, order takeout, and watch a rom com. We went out, brought some food home, and watched The Light Between Oceans. It was a great movie, but it is NOT a rom com, y'all. It is a drama filled story laden with sadness. You will cry and possibly not smile at all. Be warned. It's good, but you're gonna cry. 

I love illustration and I love seeing behind the scenes peeks at artists working in their studios/offices. It always inspires me. This little article about Marta Abad Blay did just that! I wanna paint!

I love these sew together bags that Jeni made! I need to make one of these eventually. 

This floral artwork keeps popping up in my life and I love it every time. But alas, it is from Anthro and will cost me too many pretty pennies so I will keep dreaming about it. 

I'm off to enjoy my Friday! Ta ta!