weekend reading

Happy Saturday! This week was a little cray, thus the late post. But don't you worry, this week wasn't too busy for me to find some great links to share! 

Remember my rad Norwegian mittens? They're awesome, but I have the nearly-universal holes near the thumb gusset. This is not a huge problem, most knitters deal with it when making thumb gussets, but it is annoying. I made sure to bookmark this video for the next time I do mittens so that I'm sure to have perfect thumbs! 

This post made me have an instantaneous crush on Brendon Urie and made me want to listen to Panic at the Disco immediately. 

Try a little tenderness

Binge listening? I'M READY. #podcastaddict

This company makes magazines out of your camera roll! So cool. But let's be real, some of mine would be REAL dumb or like screenshots of a recipe or something. 

LOVED this article about the Obamas and how they parented in the White House. 

Do you love scrambled eggs? You do? So do I. But they can be a little...boring. Not anymore, though! I tried this technique on Wednesday and it was really good!!

I think I need to make a sweatshirt out of this fabric

Relative deprivation. Sigh. This makes total sense, unfortunately. 

Happy reading and happy weekending!