link dump

whoa you guys. It's been over two months since I last wrote. In that time, I went to physical therapy for my arm and I'M PAIN FREE!!! This is a huge deal because I was in pain for ten months of this year. During that time, I really had to reset my priorities and one of the things that was obviously no longer important to me anymore was spending hours a day on my computer. Before I wrote this today I couldn't remember the last time I had opened my computer. It has been so nice to take a break and unplug and I have found that I really don't miss those hours scrolling away on stupid websites BUT I did miss blogging!

I have A TON of links stacked up to share so I'm just gonna go ahead and dump them all out right now. Going forward I am not sure I will have a weekly link post since I am not spending much time on the internet anymore but I am hoping that will mean that I will be using my time more wisely on actually crafting, photographing said crafts, and sharing those pics here!

I'm going to break this up into categories and we're just going to go for it!

Earl Grey Honey Scones
Caramel Apple Clafoutis

Kochi Kimono pattern 
Dove Blouse pattern 
Boosting your sewing confidence. Just do the damn thing. Can be applied to a lot of areas of life, really.
The Linden has been in my queue forever and a day but this one really, really makes me want to make it. 

Tulle embroidery!
DIY rope necklace.
Love this weaving idea.
On why materials matter when making. Crafts are so tactile and you need to enjoy the process, including how things feel in your hands.
How Knitting Helped Me Overcome Severe Anxiety.
Why do knitted slippers always seem like the epitome of luxurious comfort to me?! 

Just good articles:
Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic. I'm telling y'all, plastic will be the death of us.
Yes, you too
The Husband Stitch and What I Don't Tell My Students About The Husband Stitch
Ideas for feeling at home in your body. YES.
The potato metaphor for emotional labor
LOVE this idea. Tea and Empathy.
A good poem.
Modest dressing, as a virtue
The Bully and the Buddhist.

Random others:
We all know I adore Chris Thile and at the end of October he debuted this Song of the Week on Live from Here (formerly A Prairie Home Companion) and I'm pretty obsessed with it.
How cozy does this jacket look!?
I've really wanted some clogs for a while now and this post is super helpful. I still am in love with Bryr clogs and will one day splurge on a pair BUT WHICH ONE.
Let's just be present, people.
Chance encounters.
The true meaning of self-care. Yes and amen.