weekend reading

I'm writing this post at a late (for me) hour thanks to some mild insomnia. It was one of those things where I was tired and ready to go to sleep but then I laid down and...nothing. So here I am, doing what all the sleep experts tell you not to do, staring into a screen while cozy in bed. I must say it's not bad!

Also not bad are these links!

I planned an Ikea trip with my bestie for tomorrow and now I have even more reason to go thanks to Alicia's super luscious quilt comforter. I'm totally going to get this one and make my own quilt comforter. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best thing ever and that I will never want to make a regular quilt again. 

This heart quilt top gives me heart-eyes emojis. And it would be pretty great as a quilt comforter! #ideas

I finally did it, y'all. I knit my first sweater!! It was tiny and baby sized but oh so satisfying and I definitely want to knit more of them. I've been perusing tons of patterns on Rav and favoriting patterns left and right and this one is definitely a contender. 

So I have this thing for raglan-sleeved peplum tops so it's no surprise that I've fallen in love with this pattern

This Buzzfeed post was definitely written by a crafter! They nailed it 100%. 

Important political things: 
Deadly DIY Abortions 
Boob pendants whose proceeds go to Planned Parenthood

Aaaaand utter and complete hilarity and ridiculousness