weekend reading

I cannot even with today, so I'm going to enjoy real life and try my hardest to stay off the internet for the day. I'll knit and read and celebrate a friend's birthday. I'll hide in the solace of friends! Here are some links for the internet weary. 

This guy is #goals. He knits a sweater of a place, then goes to that place and takes a photo of himself with the landmark, while wearing the sweater! So meta! 

These hand painted wallets are oh so pretty. They remind me a lot of Naomi Ito's gorgeous fabrics.

This rad lady wore men's clothes for a month and learned a lot of things. Like the utility of pockets! I really resonated with this line: "Looking formal, for a woman, generally involves showing more flesh, wearing tighter and more figure-hugging clothing, higher shoes, tights, Spanx, jewellery and complicated hairdos. It’s a list of things that make me feel physically uncomfortable and self-conscious. Any time I have left the house to do anything vaguely important, I’ve been uncomfortable, and the more important the thing, the more uncomfortable I’ve been." TOO TRUE. 

I'm always really impressed by people who can just whip up a meal without a recipe. I'll never forget the one time I was nannying and the mom was sick. She roused herself from her sickbed and MADE TOMATO SOUP FROM SCRATCH WITH CHEDDAR WAFFLES. WHAT. I don't do that even when I'm feeling 100%! I was soooo impressed and real inspired because it took her no time at all. This article gives me hope that I too could just make soup from thin air one day! 

Y'all know I can't resist Earl Grey Latte anything and this version just went to the top of my "to try" list. 

Here is your warning: politics ahead. I know I said I cannot with this day, but I can with this. This will be me when I'm 79. 

Ta ta for now!