weekend reading

Hey. No posts in a bit, so I'm making up for it with lots of links! I need to make myself a little blog schedule so I post a little more regularly! 

How cool is this story?! Flour sacks coming with cute prints so that people could sew clothes and toys from them. I'd be up for this! 

THE PETTINESS. I love it. I am really tempted to buy some of the pinkest paint

These cocoons are so beautiful. They'd make really cool necklaces. 

In my professional life, I am an eating disorders therapist. I love it but we certainly have different ways of thinking than the rest of the world about food and bodies, so it was good to see this article about full fat dairy! I prefer to use full fat dairy but it is so hard to find because of Americans' unfounded fear of fat.  

Hygge is everywhere these days! I have seen so many blog posts about it recently and I feel very on trend. This article expressed my feelings perfectly about keeping lights up year round (or at the very least, for all of winter)! 

This article also described the perfection that is candles during the long dark cold days of winter (or if you're in Dallas, the long bright warm days of winter!). 

Now this is Christmas decorating

Keeping with the wintery theme here- snow globe artists

You guys. This is the sweetest little knitting story

The next time I run out of body wash, I think I'll try my hand at making my own

I'm thinking these pins are going to be my go-to birthday presents this year. 

Now that I have a basic grasp on stranded knitting, I think I want to try my hand at some more advanced color work. I think this fair isle field guide might help!

And finally, a short and sweet recipe. For New Year's Eve, I went to a friend's house where we and several other gal pals had a long and lingering italian dinner together. I was in charge of dessert so I brought some cake and made a big batch of homemade whipped cream. Homemade whipped cream is SO easy to make and WAY tastier than store bought. Here is how I made mine (and I think it is pretty perfect):
Pour 1 pint of heavy cream, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract into the bowl of a stand mixer. Mix the ingredients together on medium speed until stiff peaks form. Then enjoy your whipped cream on EVERYTHING! It is so good and is so little work! I have been enjoying it a lot with some cocoa powder sprinkled on top and strawberries to dip.