sweater weather

Lately I've been itching for new knitting projects. Because my ongoing projects are finished? Of course not. My seed stitch wrap is currently only 2 colors in and another WIP is still in its project bag, longing to be finished. But fall always has me yearning for a new knitting project (or 5). This is a yearly occurrence for me, the searching on Ravelry, the daydreaming of knitting something fabulous, of wearing it when it eventually gets cold. Often it doesn't get past that daydreaming phase. 

Usually my knitting day dreams are about shawls, wraps, scarves. This year, though, I've been bitten by a different bug altogether- the sweater bug. I have never desired to knit a sweater before. In fact, I used to scoff when people would ask me if I had ever made a sweater. But for some reason, this year I have been bitten by this sweater bug HARD. 

I doubt I'll get around to it in 2016, but I'm thinking it'll be a great 2017 goal. I'm also thinking I should start off with a baby sweater for a friend's babe so I can get the technique down. 


For the baby sweater I'm thinking this:


And now onto adult sweater ideas. I want something oversized and chunky. If a pattern says something crazy like "size 4 needles" I immediately nope right out of there. I don't have time for that madness. Size 7 and up, I say! That is my general knitting rule. I might consider a pattern if it calls for size 6 but for real size 7 (or even more for real, size 10, 13, or like 50 (yes, I have size 50 needles)) is where it's at. A friend recently asked if I wanted to join her in knitting this and I was 100% on board, but then I clicked over to the pattern and I saw the dreaded "size 3 needles" and I was just straight up like HELL TO THE NO I AM NOT KNITTING THAT. Just thinking about size 3 needles gives me arthritis. But I digress. Onto the sweaters! 

Relax. Even the name is good. 

Worsted Boxy. Worsted weight, YES. They understand me. 

And then here is some Pinterest inspiration:

Can't find original source. Sorry!!! Pinterest source.

This one is from an online store that sells only nude and neutral-colored clothing. MY DREAM. 

You can't see me, but I'm drooling over this one ahhhhh. 


So there you have it, my sweater dreams in picture form. Check back in 2017 to see if I've actually committed to this 🙃