weekend reading

Oh hey, another week with no posts! Let's just pretend that it's because I lead a very interesting and busy life (mostly true) and that I am just crafting SO MUCH that I don't have time to document. Yeah, let's go with that! 

Link love!

Oy. No One Wants Your Old Clothes. I really do try to be conscious about my clothing purchases and buy only the things I really love, but lately I am completely uninspired when I look at my closet and I kinda want to just get rid of everything and start over. This article makes me rethink that! 

In a similar vein: joining the start-over club. When one is a knitter (especially, but this goes for any type of maker), you occasionally get to a point in a project where you're not in love but you continue anyway because you've already put so much work in. And then you keep knitting and keep silently hating the outcome and you have to make a big decision. To forge ahead or to frog? I recently ripped out about 70 rows of my Seed Stitch Wrap because one of the colors just wasn't doing it for me. I hadn't really liked it the whole time, but I thought surely with the next color I would like it. Well guess what? I DIDN'T. And so I made the decision to rip back to the end of the first color. It wasn't fun and some people thought I was nuts, but it all comes down to this: I would rather have something take 500 years and be absolutely in love with the outcome than to spend 500 minutes on it and feel only ok about it. The next time I am contemplating ripping a project, I will definitely refer to this article and to my very own blog post. #knittingessayover

LOVE THIS. Tampon drama for the ages! This is like every text exchange between a girl and her best friends. 

I really liked this Reddit post. I think most of us have at least one thing in our lives (illness or not) that we'd rather not have, but this guy makes a great point about doing what you can to change it and then accepting it and moving on. 

Self-care. It's not just for us therapists of the world! It's for everyone. I'm glad to see it featured on Design*Sponge.

I was doing my knitting homework (haha yes) for my Norwegian mittens class that I'll be taking this weekend at Stitches Texas and I had...a revelation. I have always wanted to be a sock knitter. I've seen bloggers who are constantly knitting a pair of socks and it just seems so quaint and relaxing. But here's the thing: I HATE KNITTING SOCKS. Rather, I hate knitting with the itty bitty yarn and needles (remember my rule? Size 7s or above!!). These mittens are knit with worsted weight yarn and size 5 and 7 needles. THIS IS MY KIND OF KNITTING YALL. I can still be a sock knitter, I just need to make worsted weight socks! Which are obviously cozier anyway. There is still hope for me. I wanna make some straight up CRAZY socks. I'm thinking these yarns will do: Madeline Tosh DK in Holi Festival, Lang Jawoll Magic in color 54, and Felici rainbow yarn!! (double stranded, obv.) #secondknittingessayover

I'm feeling ultra inspired these days. I think it's because I've been mostly off of Facebook for the last few weeks, deleted Twitter from my phone, have been checking Instagram only very sporadically and for only a few minutes at a time (I'm not going to confess how much time I was previously spending on there), and haven't been lounging around on the internet for hours after work. All this time off of technology has allowed for a few things: my recurring tennis elbow is almost gone (I get tennis elbow pretty often because of so many repetitive movements from crafting and from, yes, scrolling on my phone), I am reading tons of books, and I am getting lots of crating in! 

Also inspiring- pretty much all of my entertainment these days is of the European variety and I am suffering from extreme wanderlust!!! Call the Midwife, the Elena Ferrante series of novels, Irish music, and Chef's Table France are giving me life and also making me want to travel and eat and drink and laugh and love and make cool stuff. For now I will keep dreaming and keep making here at home.