weekend reading

Oops, I missed yesterday, but Saturday is still the weekend!

Last night, I went with 5 of my gal pals to see Bridget Jones's Baby and it did not disappoint! It was so funny and was much better than I was expecting! I totally recommend it! 

I am SO EXCITED for next week because I am going to Stitches Texas!!! It was a completely last minute decision, but I am thrilled. I am going to be taking two 6 hour courses- rigid heddle weaving and Norwegian mittens

In the same vein as Norwegian mittens, here is a fantastic post about Icelandic knitting. Swoon. 

I went to Anthro yesterday and scored this adorable mug. As if I don't own enough mugs! I also got these cute little bowls because they were on sale! Yay!!

Adding this scarf and this wrap to my never-ending want-to-make list. Purl will always be my creative crush. 

Loved this post about WIPs. I long for a day when I have only 1 WIP, but I don't think that will ever happen. 

To Be Held. yes. 

Lurve this weaving idea!

omgggg you guys. I laughed SO HARD at this

I always knew Stacy London was a badass, but this was further proof

BRING BACK THE LEISURE! This is why I don't craft for a living. Everyone encourages me to, but I enjoy it way too much to let it become a business and turn into something I hate.

All about that hospitality.  

That's all I got for ya this week, folks. Here's to a great weekend filled with coffee, happiness, and leisure!