weekend reading

Woohoo weekend! I've got lots of babysitting planned (like, A LOT) and I'm ending this weekend in the best possible way- having a Sunday crafternoon with some gal pals. I was much better this week about actually saving links so that I could share them here today! 

Last week I posted about Lisa Hannigan's new album. Well, after listening 500 times and reading every review and article about it, I learned that I needed to check out Luluc's album, Passerby, as it apparently has equally good vibes. I was not disappointed at all. It is so perfect. I haven't listened to anything else in the last 2 weeks besides At Swim and Passerby. The Luluc Pandora station is equally wonderful. As one reviewer wrote, "Luluc writes songs for late-night drives and uneventful mornings — stuff to slow the blood and the world outside." Yes. Perfect description.

I made this for dinner on Monday night. There is no better dinner for a Monday night, if you ask me. 

Also on Monday (and also last Saturday) I made these cookies. I might have also added mini chocolate chips. Do yourself a favor and bake half the batch and freeze the other half so that future you can benefit when you get a mad cookie craving. 

Post-Olympics depression. I knew this had to be a thing. 

New to me sewing blog! I love it!!! 

One of my friends loves plants just like I do and she's been tagging me in some hand-crafted cacti photos on Instagram...I'm thinking I might have to make this for her birthday this year. 

You guys. This picture. And this one

How Each MBTI Type Responds to Stress. I'm ESFJ and this was spot on. 


And finally, some cute wares to wear!